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Unhandled Exception Error in Windows XP

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Problem :

Whenever a new game is started in Vice City the game crashes and windowd shows me a window which states : Unhandled Exception Error

Final Solution :

Make sure you have a clean install of GTA:VC and try running both client and GTA in compatibility mode for Windows 98, to do this locate the exe file from MTA and GTAVC, right click on them and go to properties, go to the tab compatibility and check the first checkbox,, now choose Windows98/Me from the dropdown list and press OK

Also make sure your VC is set to the english language since there are no gxt files for other languages yet!

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can someone help me with this why does this happen I start everything just like I suppose to but then the screen freezes up and I get that annoying ping noise and wa la I get the pretty little message below



lol opps ok here's what happens when I change versions


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We may have another solution for unhandled ... :

Make sure you select the correct version in the upper right of the client and that VC is set in english!

if you want to use another language, copy all the files from the TEXT folder to the MTA folder with exception of american.gxt. This will be buggy since not all texts will show, but it will work!

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Alright, first off you may want to read the clientreadme.txt. But I will outline this here.

Here are the common solutions for this error:

- Make sure you have selected the correct game version in the Client BEFORE going in game. If you do not then the changes the Client makes on the fly will be pointing to the wrong areas in memory.

- Make sure you are using english (american.gxt), or if you have selected a different language please move everything except american.gxt to the MTA folder.

- Make sure mta.scm exists in the data folder of vice city and you have read permissions on it

- Try to run the Client and Game in Win98 Compatibility mode.

In the end, try the original exe's for either 1.0 and 1.1 and select the proper game version. If all of these don't work, then something else is going on.

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The first thing to try, always, is the Game Version if the problem occurs while on the loading screen / just after.

Even if you "think" you have 1.0 and it crashes, try 1.1.

Either you just selected the wrong version, or you crack is making vice to look like another version.

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Hi! I got a big problem. I can't install some MTA files to my VC folder?

I think that it's onl three files and they are a MTA_dll.dll, AMerican.gxt and some other file that i can't remember...PLZ help me!

Sorry if i have missed any ther post like this ;)

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Create the start menu options. Do not choose to "not" create them as this seems to be a problem, funny enough.


We all get these errors. We are hacking the program remember, give it time.

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Problem: People are getting unhandled exception anywhere from seconds to minutes after joining a game. Not instantly. Thats a result of wrong version selected etc

I believe this is entirely a problem with the no-cd patch/crack.

Considering 1.1 only changes gta-vc.exe and can cause these problems, a crack that changes the exe could also do this I would think.

So there you go.. I suppose they either add support for a no-cd exe or the people who dont want to play with the cd or have warezed are outta luck.

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I still have these damn problems. I am playing an original version, no NO-cd crack and language set to English. Furthermore I am running the game in compatability mode and it still won't work. Help!

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