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[REL] GUI Editor 3.1.3


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Hmm, I seem to be having a problem with this. It seems as it fails for large gui's or something because when I make a large gui with tons of elements and stuff the thing just fails and nothing will come up. As if I just place a couple buttons on there it works fine. Now I know it will fail to show up if you have certain characters like "-" in a variable but im uncertain about anything else. So R3mp if you know whats going on please help, thanks. ;)

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Ive never had any problems with larger GUIs. could you give me a more detailed explanation of what it is you're trying to make (which elements and which order) and your variable naming style? are you loading an existing GUI? are you using any of the "extra" options? do you get any errors (either in the chat or in debugscript)?

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Is there a way you can print code for the whole GUI?

/guiprint or /guioutput? Or do you mean with working buttons?

In that case: no.

I open my GUi, type /guiprint and its blank,

And /guioutput it only has

-- --- ----

in the lines :S

Wait... You OPEN your GUI? GUI editor only works if you load the GUI into the editor, or create it with it.

To load it into the editor, open your to copy GUI, right click "Load GUI"(right click, but OUT OF THE GUI!), click on your GUI you want to load.

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how i put variables on this ? mean , when i press a button this will dow something :)

GUIEditor_Window = {} 
GUIEditor_Button = {} 
GUIEditor_Checkbox = {} 
GUIEditor_Edit = {} 
GUIEditor_Window[2] = guiCreateWindow(308,181,395,288,"HUD",false) 
getcar_1 = guiCreateButton(276,26,94,49,"Spawn car 1",false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
GUIEditor_Button[2] = guiCreateButton(216,33,73,0,"",false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
getcar_2 = guiCreateButton(276,90,94,49,"Spawn car 2",false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
getcar_3 = guiCreateButton(276,155,94,49,"Spawn car 3",false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
GUIEditor_Button[5] = guiCreateButton(276,214,94,49,"Spawn car 4",false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
GUIEditor_Checkbox[1] = guiCreateCheckBox(329,368,0,0,"",false,false) 
checkbox1 = guiCreateCheckBox(9,22,117,16,"Get warefare",false,false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
checkbox3 = guiCreateCheckBox(10,41,91,23,"/goto enable",false,false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
GUIEditor_Edit[2] = guiCreateEdit(11,94,95,24,"Car health",false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 
car healt = guiCreateProgressBar(112,94,107,24,false,GUIEditor_Window[2]) 

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use addEventHandler (http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... entHandler) and onClientGUIClick (http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ntGUIClick)

for example, this code calls the function "ClickedButton" and will output a message to the chat when you click on the button "GUIEditor_Button[2]":

function ClickedButton() 
    outputChatBox("You clicked the button.") 

You can then put whatever code you want in the function (such as for spawning vehicles)

Also, your variable "car healt" is invalid and will error. Variable names cannot have spaces in, replace it with an underscore or compact it to a single word (eg: car_health or carhealth)

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I have a question, how do you save that output code? because if i change that F1 display (delete button "map") and then i say: Output Code then he go to my Output Txt File... and what now ????? if i Reconnect then comes back to old one.. how can i save the output code!! please help me!


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Hey R3mp,

i have a little question.

When i create a tab-panel using the GUI Editor without adding an Tab, it looks like this:


As you can see, there is no Tab, just a Tab-Panel.

But when i export the Code and build it in my script, it looks like this:


Now, there is a Tab named "Tab" above the Tab-Panel, but i don't want them.

I tried everything to remove this "Tab"-Element, but if i remove this or set it transparent, every children will get this state too.

Can you say me, why is this "Tab" not visible in Gui Editor (until i export them) - i want to remove it.

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When you create a tabpanel with the editor it automatically adds 1 tab to the panel. this is done because tabpanels alone dont trigger onClientMouseEnter/Exit (but tabpanels with tabs do), so we cannot tell when the cursor is on them and consequently cannot draw the appropriate right click menu, leaving you with a blank tabpanel that you cant add anything to, modify or remove (this is also why you cant set the variable name of a tabpanel, among other things)

Ive got no idea why the first tab doesnt actually show up in the editor, ive looked at it before and suspect its a timing bug but if i try to hack around it i risk creating more problems

coincidentally, MTA also wont allow you to create tabpanels without tabs. if you do so it will just add a blank tab, so the best advice i can give you is that you use a blank gridlist instead of a tabpanel to create a background element

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Ive updated the resource to work around the bug introduced in 1.0 that stops the guieditor generating any output, if you do not update, the editor will not work with mta 1.0

this is not an ideal solution and will be reverted as soon as the bug within mta is fixed, if you find any more bugs stemming from this please tell me

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