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[REL] GUI Editor 3.1.3


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Detected a possible bug.

I've created a slightly complex GUI with four selectable tabs inside a Window (similar to the helpmanager). Within the tabs, memos.
Bug: 'Output' is not outputting anything. There is no code window showing up like it should.
There are no error in DB 3. I am using the last build (downloaded a week ago from this day).

I've created GUIs before with the same resource, and 'Output' worked.

UPDATE: removed every "ñ", "á", "é", "í", "ó" and "ú", as well as any type of bracket and punctuation mark. Completely stripped every piece of text from everything other than english letters and numbers. 'Output' is not working.
Addiontionally, I got a DB 3 error:

"main.Lua: line 777: bad argument at 'destroyElement' [Expected element at argument1, got nil ]"

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