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Well i think its time to join this party and show off a bit of whats possible in Multi Theft Auto.

I wanted to get right on this project as soon as i could, to find out whats possible with objects that move.

I always felt that GTASA always should have had a ufo.

You have the area51 like place, the desert environment, the stoned hippies lol. :mrgreen:

So i decided to add one, not some little jetsons type space ship, but were talking, independence day blow your mind massive, with a fully functioning tractor beam.

Think rampless jump for all vehicles, and death for players on foot unless you can get your parachute open quick.

Ok enough bs here is the gif, enjoy. 0X


Remember to play on KWKSRV DM to see the U.F.O.


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I think that mediafire site was down since you posted this thread lol so nobody has seen your UFO (unless they were brave enough to join the server and face the aliens :shock:)

join KWKSRV DM to see it yourself, I guarantee you won't regret it

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