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  1. Looks pretty cool, great map man, what can I say good job... You need try to make with interior enterences, and add few furniture stuff, but anyways map looks cool...
  2. Ao, awesome maps man, great mapping, good job. ;D
  3. Looks pretty cool man, sound effect just awesome. Great scripting, good job.
  4. Nice maps, some day, need to try it in game, if it will be added somewere. Anyway, nice maps. 0(^.^)0
  5. Saki-73

    hiden house

    Hiden house, Hm...nice map hom', im not sure, all these stuff in cave? () Ah, I like this map man, cool idea.
  6. Hm, nice map man! Keep on it...
  7. Looks pretty cool man, nice map.
  8. Yay man, awesome! Hideout just rock,(means in good way, rock). Interiors not soo bad too man, what can i tell just good maps.
  9. Nice maps dude, I was in game, seeing these maps, something special, nice for RP, and other stuff of course. More i like interiors, that one were need drive with karts, was there inside too. Just awesome, hope you will keep on it, and show more, about this, and other. Good luck guys.
  10. Prison map, looks awesome, but one thing was cool, that sewerage exit, just awesome, for run from prison. Seriously cool, I like it, on moment im working on prison map too, huh...? More poeple work on it....
  11. Cool man, nice LV air' stunts, I like it... Keep on it, make something more, hope on it...
  12. Nice map dude, fresh idea. I like it....
  13. Saki-73

    ultimate map

    More poeple who play SA-MP, say MTA is s', but they use MTA's map editor. (), Man however other told this is MTA not a SA-MP, yeh MTA map editor is the best, but if need to think from other side...
  14. Saki-73

    KWK U.F.O.

    Cool man, if really I can't see back side of UFO ship, but anyway i can see front, and something from back. Seriously awesome, soo big, and scray...(lol).
  15. Awesome mapped places man, i like all, but something intereting in San Fiero Wang Car shop place, that was cool mapped place, and red country, however Grove St' too. Hope you will show something more, keep on it.
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