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Making a persistant GTA world a reality - one if though.

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Get a dedicated server from a company such as rackshaxck. $100 a month isn't too bad, considering what you get. I use one for my own personal [rojects, and can afford it (barely), so I assume with the donatiopns you guys could recieve, you could afford one as well.

The Rackshack network uses OC connections (If you thought T3 was fast..hahahaha!), so speed wouldn't be an issue.

There is one problem though - you can only run linux. Which means you would have to code the server files for linux.

Something to think about.

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paypal donations and advertising won't bring in revenue. It better if the game is free, as it will grow in popularity if its free =) The internet world loves free stuff, and more importantly, good free stuff.

You can always have a paypal donation link, but you shouldnt expect anything from it =)

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Ah, good point there. "If you build it, they will come".

As it is, my Rackshack deditcated server is relatively unused, so I might be able to help out on that regard, at least temporarily.

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Ok I'm kinda new to this whole MTA thing. I have had GTA3 sence it came out, and i have been playing it off and on sence then. how does the MTA work exactly? does one person make his computer a server (host) and other connect to it? or is there only certain people that can host? like i said im kinda new to this whole thing.

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If i were you...i would wait until .3a comes out...cause i think its gonna be kinda soon, and .2a isnt too much fun for the ammt of work u have to do to get it to work, and the limited playtime before it crashes.

Yeah, I'm a newbie too and this is what I am waiting for. Like a lot of people this will either give me the YES or NO I need from this mod.

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