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Two ideas to make spectating less boring

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Hey ppl. In most servers that play DD maps you have to wait pretty long when you die for the next round. Maybe it's a good idea for MTA:DM to enable the San Andreas radio that you hear while in a car when you are spectating. And it would be nice if you could use Alt+Tab when you are Spectating. And that MTA plays a sound that you can here while you are out game so you know the next round starts. I guess this topic will just get spammed away, but maybe someone reads it and does something with it. And if you like the idea than reply, maybe increases the change it will get in a next release :)

Greetings [email protected]

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Hello target.

Not Promoting my servers in anyway. but Betafield has a feature For admins, Where you type in !kill it kills the player given

to the specific name. and lets the other person win and get his cash prize. but we have to !randommap after but then again

TheLaus can always change that so it !randommap's when using !kill. No this isnt scriptable in MIRC for MTA:Race at

least i dont think it is, ask someone who knows about MIRC. As Betafields runned by Delphi Scripting it is possible to have

such command. Non the less im sure it will be scriptable using LUA, LUA = the future of MTA. Other than that people

tend to make mini RPG games in the Chat box. Hope ive helped out.

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spectating booring? i'd wish to have an enter spectating-mode command! and alt tabbing would exactly do what the SA's menu-trick already did - make you kind of non existant

i think it has a reason that you cant alt tab without special mods.

im sure making the radio accesable while specating is already possible for DM and am also sure that its possible to listen to the radio while you walk around

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yes, alt tabbing is blocked for a reason, the game stops when it's minimized so you can either lose packets, desync, pause(0.5 players know how annoying this is) etc. etc. So not to have any problems alt+tabbing has been blocked. And as the game stops i don't think it would be possible to make some sort of signal to tell you the new round starts or even put you back in game automaticly

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shouldn't players be able to download sounds upon entering the server? so maybe it can play a short little tune while waiting for your player to respawn. A funny song wouldn't be a bad idea, such as the South Park Beer Song.

That would just be annoying. Forcing music onto people is a bad idea if you're not sure if they'll like it. And then we're not even talking about copyright issues yet.

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