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i'll pay for some maps

Guest GuitarNinja

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I'll send $5 via paypal to someone who will send me a map pack with QUALITY maps. It must contain 100+ maps and must include dinghy falls maps.


My aim is yourbrowndong or msg me here.

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I can see it now! im gonna be rich! as soon as people hear about me selling 100 maps i downloaded for 5 bucks everyones gonna jump on the train! soon ill make almost 5 dollars every week! then maybe 15 dollars a month! hell, not too much longer and ill practically own Microsoft! hahahahaha 5 bucks? i wouldn't scratch my own ass for 5 bucks...but hey, maybe some poor mofo out there will do that for ya, anyway if your interested i got like 50+ maps ill GIVE you for free lmao...

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