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  1. and still mta has not added this little thingy to the site! just use the little icon that they use for the shortcut!
  2. and still mta has not added this little thingy to the site! just use the little icon that they use for the shortcut!
  3. Yes, actually. It's the little things that make life great. my thoughts exactly, its like you have all this great stuff going on and just one tiny little detail could seal the deal of making this page more "official" PS paul your gonna have 1337 post here in a few hahahah, should take a screeny of it
  4. yeah thats it! i can never remember exactly what those are called, but anyway...what are the chances of it returning? i like that little addition to my bookmarks bar, makes MTA seem more official yaknow.
  5. When I use Firefox Browser (and probably with other browsers too) I always have a bar that includes a bunch of links to my favorite sites, and allows me to jump easily from one to another, and MTA's Index page made this list. The site is great and all, but being such a popular site and all, i would think they would have one of those little icons (for instance myspace has a little myspace symbol next to it) and I thought MTA needs one of those, like a little MTA symbol! If you still dont understand what i mean, heres a pic: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/1333 ... picdu7.png but anyway! i hope you guys add that little detail, would be a nice finishing touch to the main page! somebody want to throw any idea out there? maybe what pic could be used?
  6. did u try deleting GTA.set file?
  7. MD_Reptile

    GTA Songs

    Lil' Wayne - I fell like dying
  8. that would do quite a number to me old clawhammer amd i might have to do that one time lmao.
  9. and you are such a newb im gonna dubba post in me own topix PS: end this thread...
  10. yeah ill be honest, i was in asshole mode right there, its just cause i got a lot going on in my own life, but i just suddenly felt like taking it out on MTA, sorry for my rudeness lmao. and normally i am a really nice person. (feels double post coming on)
  11. ...And im really starting to think no matter how much party'ing, how much wasting time, how much college, how many new people i meet, no matter HOW F@CKING many times I return to this site, its just going to sit here and rot within the fingers of beta testers and QA Team/Developers. Its like "Good Lord, Let MTA BE F'ing Released!" inside my head, and its just like every person who steps up to get laughed and argued at with the team just becomes LESS of a fan, however even though almost every time I click my hotlink to get back here its STILL not OUT for the public, its almost like this small team of developers have just abandoned their fanbase to SUPERSIZE/MICROSOFT'ize this fucking little project. i mean come on, its been SOOOOOOOOOOO long, and I HAVE been waiting ONLY a little bit of time compared to SOOOOOOOO many other older, smarter, frequented players and users who are twitching to play this SPECTACULAR m0d. and it just goes on, seriously, i could sit here and harp all day long about HOW F'ing long I HAVE WAITED PATIENTLY for this mod, and i can guarantee some other fan boys will jump in the either argue or pursue this topic, however NO DIFFERENCE will be made, and its like everytime someone BEGS AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS (keyboards?) just asking and asking for a little bit more information it just goes in one ear and out the other of the MTA developers. or they dont take the time to read something that is important to the fanbase, because OBVIOUSLY (not) the players wouldnt know shit about something like this, no no no, ofcourse the average gamer hasnt got a f'ing clue what you guys are doing, but ill say that WE DONT CARE!!!!! WE WANT THIS MOD LIKE RAP NEEDS A WHITE GUY AGAIN! come on, consider this a little atleast, and look back (yes you HAVE accomplished SOOO SOO SOO much) and think, "well if i didnt have my hands on this, i would probably be pretty pissed. and yaknow, i guess if those fanboys would have just joined the freindly BETA envirornment a long time ago, then they could be doing this too!!!" omg, dont think that. anyway just think think think over and over about the fans, im not talking from a newbie wannabe wishiwasthere(that last ones true i guess) fan, i mean think of the reallllllly good players who LOVE mta to death, and how they had to acctually PUT UP WITH that other mods crap until THEY released a NEWER version of it (it aint so great), but imagine if you put all this work on and halo 3 plus GTA IV hit (im hoping it wont take that long) and NOONE is still around to play...then what, you have an underground title? yeah that sounds all good and fun, but honestly now that I have sat here and emptied my heart about this, couldnt you respond with: heres beta day:blahblahblah OR SOMETHING!!!!!! updates are nice (i like the little popup window with lua updates or w/e) and all, but really, i dont want to know HOW you built it, if i did i would reverse engineer it and sit there like wow. however I WANT TO PLAY IN A REAL PUBLIC BETA OR SOMETHING PLEASE DEAR LORD. so thanks for reading, now cuss at me please.
  12. MD_Reptile

    Free Roam?

    *Giggle*. I'd like to enjoy the mod entitled Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, but I only ought to enjoy the roam of freedom. This is currently not possible. Is there by any chance a possibility of me being able to enjoy a nice game of roaming freely with someone without splitting my screen? ^ Fixed, I suppose. lmfaoroflBBQ very good translation, ultra 1337
  13. MD_Reptile


    right on, and that is THE most important part about GTA online play (in my opinion) so if people want to call race mod crappy, then what are they comparing it to? SA-MP? is SA-MP a racing mod? No. so if someone wants to compare MTA to another racing mod, feel free (oh wait, what other racing mod?) so i dont see how he can even say Race was crap, when race set the groundrules that DM is built upon! without race, there would be no BLUE core for DM to be designed with! its what we HAD to have in order to be where we are today as a community, without race is like, not having online play at all (sure there is samp! *coff*laggyness/glitches*coff*).
  14. MD_Reptile


    Ofcourse who isnt... ditto, but the race mod was NOT stupid, it was awesome you really think samp is good? wow i cant agree with that, samp is pure shite compared to race (EVEN without DM!) not me, you must be talking about yourself and your friends... your must be a lost SA MP fan, this is the MTA forums dude, the mods are totally different, dont harp about how much better something that competes with MTA is, because they all have HUGE flaws! and i was expecting this post to lead somewhere informative, guess i was wrong.
  15. haha, awesome, sounds like good time, wish i could have another birthday damnit happy late BDAY tho!
  16. Just because me and you are tired of waiting (everyone else too im sure) there isnt anything we can do about it, so whats the point in this thread, just to pi$$ off the MTA team some more?
  17. Or you could not rise topics from teh dead!, anyway to get rid of this just get Firefox newest version, they seem to have dealt with it somehow when they updated so that sites cant do that (or maybe its just my Firefox) but whatever it is I still go back and use the old version, its better, i got really used to it.
  18. heres what it could be, do you have more than 25(ish) processes running in your task manager? (ctrl-alt-del) if you do then your probably infected, or you are a person who likes programs that are memory and processor hogs, whatever those programs are running is making your GTA look like its got hacks (whether it does or not) and of course if you DO have hacks, then your must remove them lmao, and if that doesn't work, reinstall san andreas.
  19. guys, i read that about XBCD (the program linked at the top of this topic) and its the best thing to use for San Andreas if your using a XBOX or XBOX 360 controller with your pc, EVEN if you have the default drivers for the 360 controller (the microsoft ones) they suck, so "upgrade" and get XBCD and have way more control over your axis for your sticks, and u can make your games "simulate" that they are using a PS2 controller or a XBOX controller so that it is pressure sensitive to how hard you are using the analog sticks. thought that might help you guys out! if you need a script (or whatever its called) for your controls for SA just ask or PM me and ill let u use mine. (MTA and SAMP, as well as single player do not conflict with XBCD whatsoever by the way, and it does not violate the EULA)
  20. MD_Reptile


    nah, too expensive, not enough "useful" features, if im gonna pay that much, i expect a phone that can tell me when i die.
  21. I know one thing I'd do for sure... Release it now guys, lets not kill each other lmao, but ne way i agree Jon, this IS NOT the same old project MTA has been working on since they began, if anything DM is THE HARDEST thing your team has had to do, in fact the work you have accomplished since Race has probably been more work then you EVER did, and I am saying you guys have broke your backs, busted your asses, and stayed up into the wee hours of the night trying to get this done so you can make the public happy, and everyone is JUST F@CK1NG COMPLAINING! so i see where your job has to get SOOO irritable and you just want to shut all these ar'tards up, but consider that WE (the public) have been waiting just as long as you have for that release, and we want it more than anything, (well at least i do) and there is nothing were trying to say about your product being "crappy" or about it being "buggy" or even if the whole things stinks like a rotten tomato, i don't give two shits, i just want to get my hands on it, i don't care if the condition its in when its released causes hundreds of crashed server wide, and alllll kinds of bugs come up that nobody knew about, and if the whole damn world goes up in flames and anarchy because MTA don't work, JUST AS LONG AS I CAN PLAY! thats all i ask, after these (what 5 years now?) years of waiting and YEARS of playing MTA, i am in love, i don't care if the MTA DM beta has the worst virus in the world somehow I WOULD STILLLL DOWNLOAD IT! because I am dedicated, and if something comes out with the letters MTA before it, i have to have it, and as fast as possible. as for Rob, your right, if i was a developer/team member right now, I too would be screaming RELEASE RELEASE!, BEFORE THEY KILL US! and i would try my hardest to get this thing out of the door, but where we stand right now, i can smell MTA DM over the horizon, and it smells GOOD, very very GOOD, so lets just HOLD OUR HORSES and wait till the MTA team can truly give us a release date (if they ever do) and then we can finally rejoice and get wasted like its 1999 and game until our fingers break off. but as "the public" we have no control, so we must wait, and wait, and wait our asses off till THEY say its done, because our voices are just voices of ignorance to them, voices of "nerds" who just wanna shoot people, but when the game is (eventually) out (soon plz) we can shut up and be anti-social for a few weeks, come out of our rooms and see the sunlight for the first time in days, and honestly forget about how long we had to wait for this terrific product (thats FREE!!!!) to get out. Lets just be patient guys, very patient
  22. haha what a productive post there, anyway, i think the MTA team will likely stick together after release and continue work on Blue/SA DM and pretty much just finish this project and move onto the next, but there is really no telling what would be next this early, perhaps they will move to GTAIV and port Blue to operate with it, perhaps they just stick with SA and continue upkeep of DM and doing anti cheat stuff, or maybe they just separate and go there own ways, some join Rockstar eventually (haha) and some move on to other game companies, that sounds like the most likely thing to happen, but whatever happens the MTA team will ALWAYS be here for us to find out where things are headed (i hope) and we should see whats next just after DM gets released (FINALLY!) and then we will know. but until then were "out" of the know, and theres no telling what they do. ask a Mod or Team member and they will tell you the same thing.
  23. looks like 1 and 2 are already answered, but for 3 you should just go to the littlewhitey website (is there one?) or just ask some ppl in the server, they could tell you
  24. I can see it now! im gonna be rich! as soon as people hear about me selling 100 maps i downloaded for 5 bucks everyones gonna jump on the train! soon ill make almost 5 dollars every week! then maybe 15 dollars a month! hell, not too much longer and ill practically own Microsoft! hahahahaha 5 bucks? i wouldn't scratch my own ass for 5 bucks...but hey, maybe some poor mofo out there will do that for ya, anyway if your interested i got like 50+ maps ill GIVE you for free lmao...
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