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Simplify Race Challenges?  

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This will simplify the 'race' challenge. Have a hotkey to send a message to everyone saying "Race Mode Started" Then the person that has invoked this can travel along and drop off nice waypoints such as those found in "Bling Bling Scramble". When they are done, it sends a message that the race will start (at the first waypoint) when some arbitrary number of people show up. Then they will have to follow all the waypoints in order as a type of race. The first person to collect all waypoints and end up at the finish will win. Then the process can start over. Sound good? Possible? Let me know something.

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same thing, except place the waypoints FIRST, then send the message :)

or have race files, that record waypoints. when the person hits a hotkey, it opens a certain race file, the waypoints are placed on the map, and the message is sent.

Also, add a private race feature... so if there are 30 players on the server, and you only want to race with 2 of your friends, you can select them from a menu.

'course, it depends on if all of this is possible or not. :?

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Sounds like the basis of a good idea.

I started to design a few street race map mods for GTA3, they mark out the route with flashing mines, cones and barriers. But to use them on multiplayer everyone playing would need to install them (not that it's very hard).

I do think it would be better to have some kind of standard race courses, like me said, otherwise the person laying out the course has an unfair advantage as they are the only one who knows where to go!

I think the only way to have successful 'private' races is on a private server, otherwise the other players who aren't racing are likely to get in the way at best or at worst blow you into little pieces :twisted: .

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Random if definately the way to go. :)

You'd need a database of say, 50 or more checkpoint locations on each island. First the client would pick a startpoint and everyone assembles there, from then on it picks one of the nearest 4 or 5 checkpoints at random, and so on up to say 10 or 20 in total.

I think that would work well and give plenty of variety.

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I thought they were gonna try to find a way to make Tourismo into a MP race? that would be pretty cool. or maybe Bling Bling Scramble? I mean since these to race modes are already in the game, why not try to find someway to extend the fun to have multiple people in them. :D

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ya, that would be a good idea... two points: start and finish. It would be like a taxi mission, except with about 10 other people :)

which reminds me... taxi games for MP? Yes, that would be sweet :) Someone make a topic for that...

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thats a pretty cool idea. a who can make the most money or drop off the most passangers? probley best with most passangers. but guess that would only work if they decided to put peds in. or they can just have a random ped appear when a mission is started and another one randomly appear when they move on to the next taxi mission.

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how about 1 invincible ped, and the battle is to get it to his destination while all the other try to stop you, like ctf, but you all have the 1 objective and the 1 place to send the ped to. all on all ctf with taxis =) *xerox gets in his zebra cab*

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well, dont think that you can jump over buildings and just assume that you are kidding about that :P . in VC, what about using the races at the car dealership for MP racing? some of those were pretty damn nice especially the one where you have to race all over the city.

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i like the idea of someone being able to drop off the checkpoints. it would be cool to see some creative tracks made up

anyone for a race around the aboveground train tracks, off onto a building, around the peirs, down into the tunnels?

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