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To Controller users: Right Analog stick usage

Guest Kuhruby

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I have binded the NUMPAD 2,4,6, and 8 to control camera on foot, they work great. They also work in aim mode but they aren't analog so it either moves the crosshair at full speed or it doesn't move it at all. Is there currently any way to use the right stick in analog form such as the left stick? If not will the MTA release support the right stick as analog? I apologize if this has been discussed, could not find it. By the way, i use an XBOX 360 wired controller.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I just tried my friends axis pad by interact, the right stick works fine. I guess this is a problem with the XBOX 360 controller. Does anyone know a fix beside binding keys?

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hiya, i use an xbox360 controller myself. I actually found a way to do this.

1st u'll need to install a 3rdparty driver which can be found here http://www.redcl0ud.com/xbcd.html

After u've done that paste this in notepad



















then save it as gta.xgi Now all u have to do is import this profile in the xbcd utility that came with the driver. Ur right stick and ur triggers should all work fine now.

I know its a bit of a hassle, but its the only way i know of that does the job.

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Wow, thanks alot Whiskey. Works like a charm. Is there any way to change the names of the buttons in game to correspond with the controller? Such as JOY1 being X and JOY2 being A etc. If not it's no big deal, but it would be very convenient.

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I have a little app for SA, i havent tried using it yet, because it probably dosent work, BUT...

can somone tell me if SAAC (San Andreas Advanced Controller) works with MTA.

cos if i can use that, i wont have to bind anything to the keyboard.

AND if SAAC isnt able to be used with MTA..... i want to know WHY!? its NOT a cheat app, all it does is enable the ability to bind Any keys, Any buttons, Any axis's to any control in the game.


Theres a link if anyone wants to see the app.


Ok, can someone make sense of this for me, cos i sure as hell cant.

An application for Key binding and Controller Binding is unusable with MTA, Spooky's Analog Speedometer doesnt work with MTA, Camera Hack doesnt work.... all are not cheating apps. BUT S0beit, possibly the only cheat app WORKS with mta.


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Wow, sorry about that then. :shock:

Altho i do thinks its a bit bollox. U can NOT cheat with this program. I helped that guy and im glad i did.

What the anti-cheat does at this moment is block all the legit applications and doesnt stop the known hacks like ***eit and others alike.

The only good anti-cheat measure left is the client verification :roll:

I found a way to make a legit application work without allowing people to cheat. I honestly don't see y u have to follow the EULA then...

PS: I will obviously not post the tool again and i really appreciate all the work u lot put in this great mod!

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Hi. I also have this problem (with my 360 controller). Everyone says that that profile works so you can use the right analogue stick, yet it doesn't work for me. I am using the latest version of xbcd (1.07 i think). When I load configs I can see the way that the right stick has been mapped differently, and it should work, yet it doesn't. Maybe it's the way i load the profiles, as if I load a profile then apply it, exit the XBCD utility and then reopen it, the profile changes back to default, which is why it might not be working. Is there something specific you have to do to keep the profile, or do you have to restart your PC to apply a profile properly? Any help with this problem would be great as I currently use my PS2 controller and that works ok but I want to sell my PS2. Cheers.

PS My controller is not official, but that shouldn't mae a difference or it wouldn't work on the 360 surely?

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guys, i read that about XBCD (the program linked at the top of this topic) and its the best thing to use for San Andreas if your using a XBOX or XBOX 360 controller with your pc, EVEN if you have the default drivers for the 360 controller (the microsoft ones) they suck, so "upgrade" and get XBCD and have way more control over your axis for your sticks, and u can make your games "simulate" that they are using a PS2 controller or a XBOX controller so that it is pressure sensitive to how hard you are using the analog sticks.

thought that might help you guys out! if you need a script (or whatever its called) for your controls for SA just ask or PM me and ill let u use mine. (MTA and SAMP, as well as single player do not conflict with XBCD whatsoever by the way, and it does not violate the EULA)

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Heres my reasoning on the controller.....

1, i have clocked the xbox verson, so i would rather keep my controlls the same.

2, in MTA, there is no shooting, its just driving at the moment..... so why not use the thumbsticks, you can get heaps more controll out of them.

3, using the controller has not made me "faster" than the keyboard users... http://www.potholestudios.com/Content/pid=20.html if you follow that link, you will notice that the 2 controller users (Me and Ben) got our asses handed to us by mr_self_destruct, who is a keyboard user.

so i dont see where the problem is at the moment.

when DM is finally released... (if ever.....) then yeah, it could be different.

And FullMetal, Autoaim is allready in the game, set your controlls to "classic" is the options menu... it would probably take a crapload of stuffing around with code to disable it, and it will probably make mta more unstable that it allready is.

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I would suggest that its an option on servers to allow controller or not, you could even go as far as only allow controller, so there would be controller servers, keyboard/mouse servers and combination servers, so now everyone is happy!

i myself use keyboard and mouse and no way could i even play the game on controller as good as i do with K/M, i find it frustrating when im fighting controller players in other game mods.

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i myself use keyboard and mouse and no way could i even play the game on controller as good as i do with K/M, i find it frustrating when im fighting controller players in other game mods.

no offense but that sounds dumb, that's like saying left handed ppl shouldn't be allowed to play MTA becuase they're not right handed..

it's not like playing with a controller gives you uber advantage over the game, I prefer keyboard+mouse too and I never had the feeling that those who use a gamepad drive faster than me or make better turns, it requires skills no matter what you're using to play

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What i meant by finding it frustrating is that you have to fight people with game pad's differently,(actually i cant say that for definite as MTA may be different) and that can be frustrating as your not sure at first who has a pad, I know it takes skill to play the pad, tho i haven't tried it online. The auto aim just bugs me a bit.

So anyway I was merely pointing out that it would probably suit the majority of people if there could be options for non-mixed servers.

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So anyway I was merely pointing out that it would probably suit the majority of people if there could be options for non-mixed servers.

I assure you there's no major difference in using keyboards or gamepads (at least in MTA:Race) so that's really not needed :P

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does this driver work with the wireless xbox controller? i just installed it myself but looks like that the program doesn't recognize my xbox 360 controller. i think:


as you can clearly see i'm also not able to import or open anything in this utility. how do i get this thing to work? any thought on that? and i apologize for necroposting but subject of the topic is what really concerns me now.

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