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  1. You could also use the Nuke explosion from the C&C tutorial we seen earlier, combined with switching the model from fixed bridge to blown up one!
  2. LMFAO What a bring down Lil'San^,^u<3. Id like to see what you have to say for yourself frankie.
  3. What i meant by finding it frustrating is that you have to fight people with game pad's differently,(actually i cant say that for definite as MTA may be different) and that can be frustrating as your not sure at first who has a pad, I know it takes skill to play the pad, tho i haven't tried it online. The auto aim just bugs me a bit. So anyway I was merely pointing out that it would probably suit the majority of people if there could be options for non-mixed servers.
  4. I would suggest that its an option on servers to allow controller or not, you could even go as far as only allow controller, so there would be controller servers, keyboard/mouse servers and combination servers, so now everyone is happy! i myself use keyboard and mouse and no way could i even play the game on controller as good as i do with K/M, i find it frustrating when im fighting controller players in other game mods.
  5. wtg with restarting the never ending topic. although this is a long period of calm.
  6. Oh and theres another hint! Once skool/college going Devs get there time off there be a flurry of advancement. As i said, soon after everyone's summer exams is my guesstimate. ^^ By "soon after" i mean 2/3 weeks, meaning "mid june", thats also depending on what exams the Devs are taking... 2nd lvl or 3rd lvl as 2nd lvl exams are later. this would put release to the end of june.
  7. Well, i was just thinkin, an this may have been looked at before, but could or would it be possable to have links within a server to another server. lets say i want to host servers, 3 in total, SF SF and LV, each server restricted to each part of the map, then to allow players go between servers (without exiting) when he/she enters a marker it may be possable for the server to send the client a request to connect to the other server. So in thery i could drive to the next server by entering the marker at the edge of the map. It would be wicked if this is possable. an lua feature?
  8. I wonder would it be possable for large maps with many players to make a local player limit. Ive seen this before in "battleground europe" in areas where there are 64+ players each client can only see a max of 64. to reduce bandwidth. Obviously the people who cant see you means that you cant see them. I wonder is this possable using LUA or maybe its a feature, anyway its way to late to add this.
  9. Well, i didnt take part in samp's latest beta but i heard about there test of 200 player limit... seems a lot even if it had a been a low synced game. Just wondering of you guys have thought about this or is it somthing you will set once you get some large scale server tests? (i may have answered my own question)
  10. Heh, You sound like a president trying to get elected. Well im happy the team has gotten back about there intentions. I know you guys just wanna release like everyone else, the end is near. A more accurate prediction on the Public beta will be the first weekend in June, the 2nd, a Saturday.
  11. kevinmce

    I need Help...

    well, i think it may be obvious, thats why noone responded for ages, but you need to point it towards your origional install of GTA san andreas. E.g. C:\Games\GTA San Andreas\ you know what i mean?
  12. are you nuts?? Are you saying that you think they wont release MTADM just because GTA4 is comming out? Thats daft,
  13. Humm... i would like to point out "Few remaining". Its looking good
  14. I am wondering if the reason everything is so quiet around here is because a release may be looming. I know you guys are busy with Real life things, but thats why all any of your spare time is being spent on the game and not posting on here. My predictions are that soon after college and school exams there will be a final push, with a release in around a months time. Im close arnt i?
  15. kevinmce

    Trains & Radar

    Hi guys, Just a quick question on the trains side of things... I know you probably dont want to give to much away but... Can trains crash? i know its a hard thing to do as they cant crash in the game. Another Is, can custom track be laid? Also the radar, Is it possable to get "from server side" custom radar maps. So servers could have radar to match there maps. im sorry if i named somthing you didnt think of because that would be annoying. Anyway i hope one of u get back to me
  16. Yes! Class, thats what i ment, i didnt know MTA race could do that, (Although i suspected it mite as when you go really fast the server objects appear after the origional map objects.) Thanks for the reply, just wanted to clear that up.
  17. Eamm, i dont know if you get what i mean, Not the spawning of individual objects. I mean is it possable to have more of an object than the gta:sa limit (254 i think) by using the dynamic spawn the game only spawns what the client can see. in the process tricking the client (gta:sa) that there are less than the limit of each object when infact there may be 1000 of that object on the entire map. u know?
  18. Hi guys. I wanted to know if dynamic spawning of objects will be in MTA:DM. (so the individual object limit can be extended) The same system as the cars only with objects. I have disscusses this topic elswhere but without confirmation on this feature we dont know if its possable... kev
  19. One thing.... OMG class, that is amazing! Love it and cant wait to play it.
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