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Some Suggestions

Guest Death13

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Game options:

Island you play on(Staunton/Shoreside vale/Portland)

This would reduce Lag in future editions where all islands are available.

Number of Peds

Choose between 20-200(or more) Peds

Number of cars

Choose between 10-100(or more) Ped Driven Cars

Player Detect Radar On/Off

If its off unless you actually see the player with an arrow above their head,they arent detected


Incase you want to talk to someone who you played with

Police On/Off

If you get busted you would loose money depending on how many stars you had.







Ped/Player/Car Revive on/off

If a Ped dies you can choose whether they Go away for good in that game or revive.

If a Car is blown up you can choose whether its gone for good or can regenerate at its founded place.

If a player Dies you can choose how many lives they can revive or if they can at all.

Cheats on/off

Game modes:

Capture The Flag

Capture an enemys flag

Gone pimpin

Collect as many hoes as you can in the alloted time


Just a normal game


Kill other players

Gone in 60

Collect as many cars as you can in the allotted time

Bust a cap

It's combat with a twist, where you alternate being an aggressor, and the victim. One person is

randomly chosen to be "The Victim," meaning that they are the hunted. If the

victim is killed, the killer will gain two points. If the victim stays alive

for a set period of time, he will earn a point.

King of the Hill

KOTH has an interesting

blend that requires both the methods of camping and keeping on the move. A

section of the map will light up in green, and that is the new location of

the "hill." Once you run into the green light, the light will change into

your team color, and you have the "hill." Hold it for about 20-30 seconds,

defending it at all costs, and the hill will move to a different location,

and you gain a point.

Well there they are...

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well.. i actually think that when the police stars go more then the money on getting busted should be reduced, like:

"Police On/Off

If you get busted you would loose money depending on how many stars you had.






*=2000 "

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