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  1. Oi, welcome to VCA. its kick arse to see new people join. So congrats Turbob Just got mta installed last night, so hopefuly we'll run into each other, and frag everyone else. cheers
  2. Very cool vid man. Nice use of fading to make the transition between clips. Good to see another gta3 vid, especialy the other half our little fight Little dull in some parts, but you made a fairly long vid, so it was expected, it can be hard to fill a entire 10min with totaly brand new excitement, but even more of a challenge to keep the viewer from closing and deleting the vid, which i never did Might want to give vegas a look at, they offer a trial, and it has many features and other cool stuff, which i never used. Over all it was a really good vid, congrats and all that shit Marcel
  3. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    Alright I changed the links, I added a .rar, and a .zip d/l. Hopefully nobody has any more problems. Schark, im guessing your using a older browser, I know that the old FF had problems with some file types. If the problem still exists let the page load with the funny characters, and save that page, and save it with the extension you had choosen. I use to have that exact same problem.
  4. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    weird, cause theres around 70 other people that have d/led it, and your the first to have a prob. I'll rar it up tomorow, i feel bad since you've tried 4 times now
  5. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    Are you refering to my vid? Cause its teh default .wmv And i bought fraps when i had the coin, gotta support small time sotware developers. MAD_BOY moderate this ,.|..
  6. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    well for tutorials for vegas 5, i just did a search on google for "sony vegas 5 tutorials" and found some free tutorials. So you might wanna give those a shot. As for the capturing with vegas i dont know, i used fraps. For the stills that i used like the "MTA" and "0.5" i just used a jpeg and added it as a video clip, and adjusted the time. Those 2 forum post that rebel posted are very usefull, and most of the concepts can be applied to other software. cheers
  7. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    hehe thats not a bad idea Rebel, think i might start on my next one sometime in the near future. Almost have the footage i need for it, so you'll be hearing from me shortly about it
  8. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    I ripped the wave from the gta3 play cd, and changed a few parts of it, like adding my voice then put it into vegas as a wav, easier to put the whole vid together with the music and the actual clips, imo anyway. Might try flash next time, its been my experience that flash bloats it to much, but that was awhile ago. Maybe next time i'll make a huge flashing button, that says "CLICK MEH" anyways im at school so i should get back to work
  9. Marcel

    GTA3:MTA joyride

    oi, this is my first video i've done for mta, acctualy my first vid ever, and im pretty pleased with the result. Joyride its a 7mb wmv, and fairly good quality. i would of used divx, but i had a hard time getting it to look decent. hope every one enjoys it as much as i did making it. also i forgot to add that the song is called joy ride, forgot who made it tho, cheers to them I used vegas video from sony to complie and render the vid, and audacity for the audio. cheers marcel
  10. Im reminded of a practical joke that a friend tried to pull on me. Basicaly it was a java script that d/ls a file (any file) onto your pc, in any directory the hacker chooses, when a very common action is done in IE(not going to say cause its super easy to do in javascript), but anyways he tried to get me infected with a virus. thankfully i was using FF, and i never got infected. I acted all like 'omfg' and he laughed, but then i told him that i used FF, and the joke was on him. So thanx to FF my friend now looks like a idiot, and i know a very simple way to infect a persons pc. Also which i find even funnier is that i doubt this little exploit will ever be fixed. So next time your web surfing with IE, and you get a virus, you can thank IE for that, and there ignorance towards the ever growing intellegence of the population. I should also add that MS's little sp2 doesnt fix this either, since its javascript, adn has little or nothing to do with MS
  11. Badass prime time. Dis p.m. in dis room, from dis chair, I testified b4 da Office o' Independent Counsel an' da damn grand jury. I answered deir quesshuns truthful-like, includin' quesshuns about mah private life, quesshuns no Canuck would eva' wanna answa'. Homie don't play dat. Still, I gots'ta snatch complete responsibility 4 all mah acshuns, bot' public an' private. An' dat be y I be jivin' t' yo' ass tonight. As yo' ass know, in some deposishun in January, I wuz axed quesshuns about mah relashunship wit' dat server. While mah answa's wuz legal-like accurate, I dun did not voluntea' 4-1-1. Indeed, I dun did have some relashunship wit' dat server dat wuz not appropriate. In fact, it wuz wrong. It constituted some critical lapse in judgment an' some puh'sonal aborshun on mah part 4 which I be sole-like an' complete-like responsible. But I told da damn grand jury today an' I say t' yo' ass now dat at no time dun did I ax' anyone t' lie, t' hide o' wreck evidence o' t' snatch no otha' unlawful acshun. I know dat mah public comments an' mah silence about dis matta' gave some false impression. I misled sucka's, includin' even mah woman. I deeply regret dat. I kin only tell yo' ass I wuz motivated by many factors. Fust, by some desire t' protect myself from da embarrassment o' mah own conduct. I wuz also real damn concerned about protectin' mah relashuns. Da fact dat dese-he'ah quesshuns wuz bein' axed in some political-like inspired lawsuit, which has since been dismissed, wuz some considerashun, too. In addishun, I had real an' serious concerns about some independent counsel investigashun dat began wit' private business dealings 20 years ago, dealings I might add about which some independent federal agency found no evidence o' no wrongdoin' by me o' mah woman ova' deuce years ago. Da independent counsel investigashun moved on t' mah staff an' homies, den into mah private life. An' now da investigashun itself be unda' investigashun. Dis has gone on too long, cost too much an' hurt too many innocent sucka's. Now, dis matta' be between me, da deuce sucka's I love most -- mah woman an' our daughta' -- an' our da Lord. I gots'ta put it right, an' I be prepared t' do whateva' it snatchs t' do so's. Nothin' be mo' important t' me puh'sonal-like. But it be private, an' I intend t' reclaim mah relashuns life 4 mah relashuns. It be nobody's business but ours. Even presidents have private lives. It be time t' stop da pursuit o' puh'sonal destrucshun an' da damn pryin' into private lives an' git on wit' our nashunal life. Our country has been distracted by dis matta' 4 too long, an' I snatch mah responsibility 4 mah part in all o' dis. Dat be all I kin do. Now it be time -- in fact, it be past time t' move on. We have important work t' do -- real opportunities t' seize, real bugs-up-da-ass t' solve, real security matta's t' face. Step up. An' so's tonight, I ax' yo' ass t' turn away from da spectacle o' da damn past seven months, t' repair da fabric o' our nashunal discourse, an' t' return our attenshun t'all da challenges an' all da promise o' da damn next canuck century. As 4 da photographs, i do not know wuz they came from, but infact they be real. In da house be some picture o' dair authenticity. As 4 da content within dose-dair pictures, I be unaware o' da damn vilidity. I recon' da damn serva' be some windows serva', so's microshaft may be t' blame 4 them appearin' on da serva', as we all know microshafts products be full o' security holes. Thank yo' ass 4 watchin'. An' badass night[/img]
  12. Sounds Great We have a chan on gamesurge as well #turwar, so if people want to come there first, then we can organize the teams, and the way they will show there tag in-game. Also i was wondering, does the script have mini game features yet ? Marcel
  13. IM up for a ging fight, just got my internet back up and running, and havent had a chance to play much tho. I have saturday off, and my girlfriend has already claimed that day for her, but i may be able to get a hour or so to play set a time and i shall see what i can do. Marcel
  14. I think maybe we should have a small in a gang fight, you know just to get the feel of how a match can be played out That is once we have the scritpts made.
  15. kick arse, hopefully i'll see you in Portland sometime soon Also if you are ever participating in a gang war between VCA and ULK, just give both sides notice, to which side yu are playing with keeps things simple cheers
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