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New game type idea: VIP, assassins, and bodyguards

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-there are two teams. one of 8, and one of 22.

-in the team of 8, one random player plays as eightball (use the model with the messed up hand)

-this player cannot use wepons.

-eightball starts at the eightball hideout on Portland

-he has to get to the dam (unlimited time), with help of other 7 ppl

-the other 7 team mates have infinte Sniper, Hand Gun, and Grenades. they also have a baseball bat.

-once one of the 7 die, they do not respawn

-the 22 people have to stop the safe transport of eight ball, they spawn\respawn in SSV

-the chat is not public, the 8 can talk amongst themselves, or broadcast (talk to all). same with the 22

-the 8 cannot drive, the 22 can.

-the point is to play a sort-of hide and seek. the team of eight wants to remain under cover, send out a scout and pretty much remain hidden. once someone is found, the rest of the 22 can be called over. so basically its a co-op strategy game to move eight ball to the dam. i think this would be really fun if you stuck to team work. plus there are lots of wats through.

-the only problem that i see, is that the 22 would just camp at the bridge. any ideas to make this better or fix it?

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ok - 22 people - if the group of 8 cant use cars? - so then they only have 3 modes of transport, subway, train or bridge

so 22 divided by 3 is about 7

So 7 people camping each entrance? - and if one team gets beat the other 2 will know, and rush to that location =)

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how bout...

-Every one but the VIP can use cars

-There is 1 VIP

-The Vip is restricted of all weapons

-33% of the people are assasins

-66% of the people are bodyguards

-The VIP has to get from point A to point B to win

Bodyguards and assasins will attack each other

The Bodyguards will protect the VIP

The Assasins will try and Assasinate the VIP

If the Assasins kill the VIP the Bodyguards will loose

If the VIP gets to point B the Assasins loose

Sound good to you???

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maybe - but vip missions have been thought of (maybe not with them getting from A - B) The idea would work, but being the VIP sucks, and no one would want to be him, the VIP should be a powerful character (maybe he shouldnt drive)

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ya. Flaming-h, your idea sounds pretty good. ya i actually think now, that limiting cars on the VIP guards is a bit much. the way i see it tho, is that its more of a stealth mission, than a "were your guards, lets fight, bam-bam-bam your here we win" game. the only problem like i said is camping. there are many routes from eightballs to some other place: i.e. hobo-tunnel, car crusher area, to the park (hepburn area) etc. but the bridges are a must. so maybe from one place to another on the same island. for example: airport to the Cartel house in Cedar Grove. that would probably work better. the perfect game, would be if the VIP and Guards transported him, without detection, although that would be tough. And being the VIP would be annoying i suppose. How about this: being VIP means you get weapons, but you cannot drive, and you start at a low health. You would have to go out of your way to get health/armor. this way more strategy would be brought in, and its not boring to be VIP

lol, yes my subject is pretty boring. speaking of which, i still have not thot of a good title for this "game type idea" perhaps "Escort Service" or something

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they also have a delete post option so you can delete your own posts =) (in edit)

Being the VIP has got to be a good thing imo, make him special =)

IF VIP could be driven that would be cool =) (i know its been sugested before =)

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first: i going to try to change it. i think i unsucessfully tried it in the old forums

second: is it possible to change the player model (not the skin) becuase then some one could make a sweet looking VIP. like a monster or something. or perhaps: the VIP has to carry a brief case, therefore he cant hold a weapon.

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If i were the vip and i couldn't drive, i think it would be very sucked to walk all the way around to the dam. Isn't it better to let everybody drive in a car, but -to make some more realism- give the VIP some bags with him and if he steps in a car, the car could only drive 1/4 or 1/2 the speed it supposed to drive.

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Yeah i forgot to mention that. We can't drive itself but only can be driven by (normally) it's bodyguards. Hmmm, what about if someone of the assassins takes over the car with the VIP in it -and since the VIP can't get out of the car if it's speeding up- and drived it into the water :D

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i like the slower speed idea. perhaps, the VIP has weaker health, and moves slower, but has inf ammo on any weapon. with that it would still be hard for him to defend himself by himself.. thats where the gaurds come in. ya.. if an assasin jacks a car with the VIP and Body Gaurds, all get out of the car. they would be better just blowing up the car.. assasins should not get bazookas or grenades, cuz once they spot you, they could make quick work of you

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Yeah that's a pretty good idea, but I think the slower car also fits in this gametype mode. It would be unfair if:

1. The bodyguards couldn't drive, so they couldn't take the VIP anywhere and walk all the way to the dam or whatever

2. The bodyguards could drive, so they could take the VIP to the dam and take some shortcuts so they're there in a moment and reach earlier than the assassins.. it becomes a race then.. and that's not what it supposed to be.

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maybe there should be something that tells the assasins where the VIP or whatever is right now

would be stupid if you search for the VIP and he just hides and ends the game and you have never even seen him

for example therre can be some checkpints on the map that the VIP has to reach before he can finish the game

i also think it is stupid if the game ends when you kill the VIP:

f. ex. you play for about 1 hour and the you get killed and the game is over

(it has to be over one day ;) but its stupid if it ends this way)

there should be a time limit

everybody would play harder and try to reach the checkpoints(from which you can restart or something else-Y buy weapons etc.)

it would be more intense

i think the car idea is great

only when the VIPs walks it is hard to recognize him

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