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Multiple Nics and Windows Server 2003

Guest Daryth

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I'm running a Windows 2003 server. Do I need to open ports to enable internet users to play? If so what ports and how do I do that? :-)

Can I use multiple network cards for MTA? Currently I have a dedicated server running on the Win2k3 server and the internal nic is working, but not quite sure the external is.

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Not sure how to open/close that porn in Windows 2003 server.

I tried just setting up a local lan server without luck.

I set 1 pc up as the server and have it's client connect to itself and then have a second pc connect as a client...

The two players never see eachother in the game..weird...

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well, if you're able to connect, then it's probably not a problem with closed porns...

use the search function, and search for zombies, or "other players" (as in "can't see other players")... you might be able to find something. Not seeing the other player probably has nothing to do with the porns.

so search for posts about not being able to see other players, and pretend that your LAN is set up properly.

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argh, mta and its affiliates do not promote, endorse or condone pornographic material that is illegal in certain liberal countries. (If not, blame ya country, we dont care =P)


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