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funny bug


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Could it just be some horrible lag of some sort?

nope it aint lag because he stayed in that sparrow until the map ended and he did not change into a sparrow.

i don't think that if he was laggy he would not change into a sparrow after more than 5-6 minutes :o

btw. maybe the MTA team could tell why he didn't turn into a sparrow maybe it has got something to get with the synchronization?

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This can happen on a map with vehicle changers with high respawn timer:

At map start, all changers are visible. One player picks it up, the vehicle changer disappears for all other players on this server.

Now, a new player connects to the server, and he spawns. In "his" world, all vehicle changers are visible...

He drives over an item, and became a plane, heli or so.

For the other players from the original map start, he drives over an inactive vehicle changer, so nothing changes...

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You can easily check it out for yourself. We have this bug nearly every time with the OJChase3 map:

All Pickups there have a very high respawntime.

Map starts, one catches the Ranger, others different police vehicles.

After a few minutes, some players joined, chances are good to see flying cars, just because the newcomers will have an "untouched" map with all "already used" pickups being unused.

So they fly with a heli in their world, but for the other ones, they fly with cars.

You may also notice, that newcomers will chase an other OJ car...

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I couldnt be arsed reading all those posts, so i will assume this wasnt already mentioned.. This can be reproduced by doing the following: Getting someone to pickup a vehicle changer with about 1 min respawn, Making someone else join (They will still see a pickup).. Get them to pick it up.. and there, he has a heli while you all see cars.

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