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  1. Looks really nice can't wait to race it
  2. yeah some nice flying the aircontrol tower stunt and the stunt where you make a freefall with your stuntplane through a tower where awesome
  3. thnx now i can finally build my map futher
  4. robert4392


    damn don't think ill be able to make that lets try another map
  5. robert4392


    WoW 1:02 on ChrMl Hard dude that is AWESOME btw the other time's too
  6. i have been looking for some of the Sherman Dam part's but i can't find it anywhere so I'm asking if someone give's the ID or where i can find the parts i need this part marked in red http://img153.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gtasa2007030115312646of2.jpg and maybe i need the dam itself to so please be so kind to say the ID or where the objects are located already many thanks for advance Robert
  7. they look good so add the download link too please
  8. robert4392


    Channel loop 03:23:50 hmm i think this one is not long for me...
  9. robert4392


    i was thinking would it be possable to make a script that looks for files such as the s0beit hack when someone joins and if they have the s0beit hack files they will be kicked with the reason: mta.nick is using s0beit hack and has been kicked! if this would be possable could someone script it for me. btw the files s0beit uses are d3d9.dll and s0beit_hack.ini. already thanks for advance Robert.
  10. robert4392


    lol ill have to try that
  11. This would be really usefull. Thanks all
  12. robert4392


    my time on SF_SPRINT1. and my time on the loop the loop mk2
  13. you're right i tryed to race it a little and it didn't really work.
  14. hmm the maps with the monster truck looks really nice. btw. in my oppinion i should make from JAM DD a race map i think its cooler in that way.
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