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  1. ARMax

    funny bug

    I couldnt be arsed reading all those posts, so i will assume this wasnt already mentioned.. This can be reproduced by doing the following: Getting someone to pickup a vehicle changer with about 1 min respawn, Making someone else join (They will still see a pickup).. Get them to pick it up.. and there, he has a heli while you all see cars.
  2. I gotta agree with DarkDragon[GER], sorry
  3. ARMax


    Sorry to burst your little bubble.. but just because you fly upside down doesn't make the stunt itself any better.. Plus, all you did was fly through tunnels. And the hardest plane stunt in SA is clearly a hydra through the AirTrafficControl at LV airport, i have only heard of one person EVER do it. I'm trying to get a video of it now
  4. *Cough* i think you overdid the pictures a bit in that post ? Anyway, nice map
  5. only reason all u did is crash... cos the server obvoisly lagged like sh*t... and u generaly suck at everything
  6. damnit, everytime u make only 24 spawns ive gotta add more >.< [why cant u just do 32?]
  7. Sure im happy to explain, and i can PM u the progs i use to get the ID's... its called mED
  8. Target with numbers: flight school mission Cop parts: reuniting the families mission when the cops on ur back and get chopped by a heli caligulas map: well... caligulas missions big green wall: smokes crack palace broken walls: burning desire mission tied cop:a dumper mission, gotta transport him and his bike. theres also a cop bike object! busted crate: when u steal crates from the ship... if u drop one agh... cant remember what else was in that pic... but there all used, i have a .model full of things not used in SA... and is it just me... like in the adding more cars thing.. I TOLD U THIS! second time u have done this now ...
  9. ARMax

    The Exact Same Time!

    Hmm, I think ill try that...
  10. Picture taken in littlewhiteys server...
  11. [Caugh] And i said that i told you [/Caugh] Good Boy
  12. U completely ripped me off... i told you how to do this. ive posted it before... and now you say YOU found it ...
  13. if there is maps like i wrote, how can i get into my friend's car? how would u make one in a m8s car, when it isnt synced...
  14. Im makin a nice full Map editor for myself , ive added the RC Cam back into RC Cars... and im currently adding most missing objects...
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