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  1. downloading for sure :>
  2. HUNJA

    Going-Down Maps

    Hello, anyone got the Going-Down maps made by Hedning ? I found the topics but the links lead to community.mtasa so if anyone still has them on their HDD could you share them ? thanks in advance.
  3. No offence or anything, but these maps you makin are too big for stealth and too big in file size... [M2S] stealth server has some of his maps
  4. Yes more draw distance would be good and also disable heat haze and motion blur when you drive a car fast. Also, instead of adding option to turn textures higher than they already are, add and option to adjust the game settings because everytime you want to change texture quality or draw distance you have to go to Single Player options and do it there.
  5. HUNJA


    why do u bump 3 year old topic ?
  6. I have exactly the same problem. I play with arrows too. Example, when im sprinting left and then try to run right, my player suddenly stops. This doesnt happen in sa-mp or in SP so please fix this.
  7. i agree the race map editor was easyier and simple to use they shouldve kept it that way
  8. The most popular that almost nobody heard of. Heh. Besides, the topic is from January 2008... this is November 2009. Nobody heard of? if you think like that then you have been living under a rock. Attack n defend is the most popular clanwar script
  9. HUNJA

    [NB] NinetyNine-blaZed

    I heard that this is the #1 ranked clan in sa-mp, is this true ?
  10. Yeah that was the problem, i didnt have resources folder there so i created one a put the files there and it works now. Thankzzzzzzz .
  11. Im getting black screen when i go to map editor. I got the latest nightlybuild, recources and data files and i also did what it said on this page but nothing seems to help http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... _correctly
  12. Register at http://www.mtabeta.com Then reinstall DM and where it asks your account, choose 'I want to create a new account' then type in your username and password from mtabeta.com I had the same problemo.
  13. HUNJA

    [NB] NinetyNine-blaZed

    lawl, add zazaza to the list 99.
  14. lol why did u post in this old thread?
  15. Upload them to somewhere else plz, megaupload or rapidshare.
  16. Cool maps, can u put them here for download?
  17. Gave 3, cause some stunt were crap. Song was good, enjoyable video.
  18. Lol, my birthday is in 14 June. Hope it gets released in June.
  19. HUNJA


    Your talking about yourself? Note that this video is very old, now i know harder hydra stunts.
  20. Can u post a download link to those maps ?
  21. HUNJA


    Drift=01mins 37.765secs SF sprint=33.439secs
  22. HUNJA

    funny bug

    Looks more like cheating
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