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I've posted it into MTA:SA Deathmatch maps folder too, but if u didnt see it..:

I think, we should have prefixes before map names (for DM) that would give info whats about on a certain map. Like tdm (team deathmatch), dm (deathmatch), mh (man hunt) etc... HL and its modes use prefixes. useful thing.

and there should b some symbol that would separate prefix and map name, like: tdm_mapname, dm@mapname, [ctf]mapname.....

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Maybe in the map editor itself you could choose what kind of map there is. Or in the MTA Center you could have a drop down list asking what kind of map it is. If it's tdm then the prefix tdm_ would either go into the map filename or if it's already there it would stay the same.

The thing is that there will be thousands of scripts, most of which don't fit into a predefined set of categories. There will also be lot's of different versions of DM, TDM, CTF, etc. I think it's a good idea for scripters to use descriptive names, but it shouldn't be enforced on the MTA Center.

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Try not to be so defeatist, rockstarrem.

There is no reason why many categories cannot exist, there could easily be a un_ for uncategorisable or mc_ for multi-category, retainign the organisational benefits whilst allowing script creators the freedom to create something entirely new that doesnt slot exactly into one of the standard genres. There would also be nothign stopping new categories from being introduced if many maps that would fit into it start to appear.

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Some maps would have the ctf_ and some wouldn't

Not if a prefix was compulsory for all uploads to the centre. If it was, only an idiot would wrongly name his map and have it in the wrong section. Obviously idiots abound online, but it wouldnt take long for the offending map to be deleted.

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