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  1. 1. When driving through space previously occupied by some buildings, other surrounding buildings, roads, objects flicker, disappear for short amount of time. I can't predict which buildings will flicker online, because none of that happens in Map Editor. Is there a way to prevent/cure that? 2. Some objects refuse to be removed, whether World Object Remover is being used or some script, removing all objects having same id from the map (LODs included). For example, those white rocks on the seabed near SF Downtown, around bridges. Solutions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Obelix

    Map Loading Problem

    I've deleted editor_dump folder and now everything works fine (fingers crossed). I've also deleted those peds, just in case they've been messing this up. The Latest News are still empty tho. Thanks. Pozdrav
  3. Obelix

    Map Loading Problem

    the Problem: Open -> map name -> "Are you sure...unsaved date would be lost" -> Yes -> Nothing happens The 'open map' pop-up screen stays there, allowing me to choose a map, but when I do, nothing happens, like if I didn't press open at all. New -> "Are you sure..." -> Yes -> "You cannot open a new map while other map is being saved or loaded" [Even if I've just started using the Editor] the Side effects: On MTA:SA welcome screen, where there would be Quick launch, Server Browser, etc. on the left and The Latest News on the right - there's nothing under The Latest News. I know that yesterday, there were 3 news, but now, nothing. the only Cause I can think of: Too many peds? I've added some 25 Peds in SF cathedral - downtown area. On Hospital's terraces (near the cathedral) there are 10-15 of them. After my attempt to test the race and see if peds are placed in right positions, I got black screen, while I've been 'testing' it - I couldn't see or hear anything. Upon restarting the Editor, problems mentioned before happened. I've tried re-installing the game, but with no avail.
  4. uhm, well, thanx...So, I got there not working link with probably bad named maps? lol
  5. Long time no see MTA. Now, where are the maps? I mean maps for race mod. Not mta:dm:race. The real Race 1.1.1. There were some mappers, whose maps I would like to re-collect, since my pc crashed and all good maps in my collection evaporated. So, can I find somehow The Big Blue Database?
  6. ...since, u can import non-gta objects in mtadm, like maps from other games, u probably can fix ur problem using some 3d modeling program, like max or rhino...like if u want to remove cpl of buildings and set open field, u copy whole area, import it in 3dstudio, remove buildings, set ground, copy back to mtadm and import it like new object...or make a map in hammer and export it to mtadm.... ...but, somehow, I think u want need that, cause old skool mappers will be overpowered by kids who will just convert cs:s, hl2dm and whoknowswhatelse maps to MTADM maps
  7. that is too large. without miniguns that would be terrorising players imo
  8. ye...maybe something like...if ur plane colour is blue u get blue smoke etc...so u could know what smoke u get. on other side....is it possible to make stuntplane's or cropduster's (maybe this 1 is better) smoke to a weapon? i mean like smoke grenade, grafitti spray, etc....something, when u fly low, above enemies' heads, to poison them.
  9. when game is released, will we upload maps here or in new map centre? probably in new centre. but, there will be mappers who dont know to script in lua. so my idea is, maybe you can make some subforum or a sticky thread in mapping or special area in map centre, where mappers would upload their maps and ask for scripts or scripters to finish them (the way mappers/scripters want). then, both would share credits. i think this will be needed.
  10. if he wants different handling on "his" server he can make new cars...like custom models....and give them handlings like he wants. so, when som1 comes on the server, and drives yosemite, he'll drive it like sandking....and every1 else in server....so there wont be cheaters, right? because, if its new car, cheaters dont have handlings for it....they can have handling for real yosemite, but on server, there is different vehicle with same name
  11. whats this? new mod? or just a map in race or dm mod?
  12. that means gta:sa ISN'T INSTALLED on your pc. so, install GTA:SA first, then install MTA:SA and then everything will be fine.
  13. Rockstar Games. maybe, you have just folder there, but u have previously uninstalled the game....so there is just a folder....and mta installer cant find gtasa.exe but...search for it (gta_sa.exe) in ur PC...if u find it - copy/paste, if u dont, well, read upper paragraph
  14. if u have installed gta on some weird place like My Documets/Porn/Bukkakes/GTA San Andreas or similar, click on 'browse for folder' and select that folder in which is GTA San Andreas instalation, or copy/paste its link. then click OK or Next or whatever comes nest
  15. you need to instal GTA:SA v1.0 first, if u didn't already. this game is mod for GTA:SA, not a game itself. if u did, find GTA:SA folder....usualy its C/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas
  16. MTA:DM will be DeathMatch, not RPG, right? So point is in pwning others not scaring them to death and doing animations - u have no time for that. Maybe 1 day MTA:RPG comes out, who knows lol
  17. maybe like Zombie mod for CS:S.....There spawn 2 teams zombies and men. zombies have only a knife, others have whatever they like/can buy. u can stop zombie only if u shoot it in head if i remember good. if u turn ur back at it....it runs faster. and it has health upgrades so for mta:dm i suggest this: 1 guy is zombie, he chases others on a small area, if u turn ur back at him he run faster, all energy he takes from u, he gets it, so he is more powerfull, he has some health upgrade. when he kills some1, that guy turns to zombie too, and so on, until every1 is zombie. but there should be some time limit, like 10 mins....if every1 is zombie before that - zombies won, other way - they lost; or there could be 2 teams (16-16). every dead zombie becames a human, and every dead human becames a zombie, except for suicides - that way, if u died like a man, u spawn like a man
  18. Obelix


    [offtopic] Do we have those burger shot, pizza stack, workers? Like, when we want to upgrade energy, or buy weapons...and all that? [/offtopic]
  19. do u plan to make some "resource center"? like mta mapping center, but just with resources in it. like if i want to make some army vehicle, so i post it there and map admins, server admins, clans etc, can go straight there and dowload stuff.
  20. sorry for waking up old topic, but i saw this and had to post it
  21. A: No. Q: Will it be synced in DM?
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