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new map editor objects :D

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Target with numbers: flight school mission

Cop parts: reuniting the families mission when the cops on ur back and get chopped by a heli

caligulas map: well... caligulas missions

big green wall: smokes crack palace

broken walls: burning desire mission

tied cop:a dumper mission, gotta transport him and his bike. theres also a cop bike object!

busted crate: when u steal crates from the ship... if u drop one

agh... cant remember what else was in that pic... but there all used, i have a .model full of things not used in SA...

and is it just me... like in the adding more cars thing.. I TOLD U THIS!

second time u have done this now ...

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All of the models were sorted manually by the QA team, so of course I would think that there's several hundred, perhaps even a thousand or more that's missing.

I still have the all.models files Aeron mentioned, which has pretty much every single object in the game, but they're not categorized so it's quite difficult to find what you're looking for.

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