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I'm shooting gta san andreas car video
with ENB and ReShade
I will upload mta
But my friends said if i install ReShade on Mta i will be banned
Isn't ReShade just a graphics program?
Believe me, ReShade is a must for me to make solid videos.

I've searched a bit and haven't seen anything about it.
Is ReShade really forbidden?

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Hi, welcome to the forums!

Installing ReShade will not outright ban you, but rather kick you with a warning such as this: AC #4 SECURITY VIOLATION / UNINSTALL RESHADE.

The decision of disallowing reshade was taken around 10th of april 2022 and at this time there are no intentions on allowing it back.
This was done due to its unfair advantage and abuse potential.

If you'd like future info on this matter, please see the following messages:


Believe me, ReShade is a must for me to make solid videos.

Unfortunately, you will have to find other ways to do your videos on MTA. ENB still works, by the way.

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I really don't understand stupid people who want to cheat in this game.
I can't tell you how beautiful 2014 and 2017 were
With enb versions 0.076 and ReShade running
when we can have as much fun as we want
But because of these dishonest vile scammers
The things we love are banned one by one
thank you sir

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Welcome to reach ENB mod developers and see if they can produce something close to what ReShade let you achieve. For now, this is not an issue that we are going to be discussing in these forums, but you can take it to ReShade team if desired

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