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Sons of Liberty

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Sons of Liberty

A long time ago our clan was knows as */KB\* (killerbees).

We were a starting clan and active in MTA:VC.

After a time of playing and do lots of matches,

we decided to change the clan tag into :

>SoL< (Sons of liberty).

we played like 3 or 4 months after this, and then we became inactive...

But we are back ! With 2 new leaders and a fresh new start,

and we hope to get a good name.

Currently we are active in MTA:SA & SA-MP.

Leaders :



Co-Leader :







Recently we created an alliance with the clan Qubi [QB].

To make a long story short... We are a well organized clan with

high skilled members and a clan to have a lot of fun with !


Come and visite our site : http://www.solgaming.nl

and visite the site of Qubi : http://www.qubi.nl

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