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  1. Wow, 10 years on and still going. Just signed back here to see FMJ still active?
  2. well I ain't played DM properly yet since some ISP decided to downgrade my connection
  3. Hieu.JZX26

    (THH) recruiting

    heh Welcome back guys!
  4. WOO CLANWARS ARE BACK IN MTA Back to Old school style?
  5. Welcome to last month He's not Spiderpig anymore. He's Harry Plopper.
  6. Yup that's right, I'm back from the dead after 2 years of FIFA, F1 Challenge and WarRock
  7. guess I was a former [FKU] for a week, WTF DeathB? KFC? wow I've been missing some shit.
  8. Ha, reminds me of "hieu". Damn, that slipped out. Anyway, just take your time with your clan, dosen't matter if a clan cant be a success but i would rather just see some activity of members around the community and just to be respected by them if i ever encounter with them in the future. Good luck. Talking behind my back again Z3RB. I don't even play this game anymore, I'm waiting for MTASA DM. Gd luck anyways guys!
  9. GL Guys! Seems like your already organised! Like your banner btw
  10. Thanks for comparing me Nick, very much appreciated! anyways, GOOD LUCK GUYS! and have fun! That's what MTA is all about (in my opinion lol )
  11. OK, so MTA European 2006 didn't work, but that's because of all this _(!&£!Y1@!£ and you know what and my lack of organisation etc. But coming in June! MTA ALL ASIA 2006. We hope that we can create a tournament that will find the best MTA nation in Asia, and after maybe we can arrange a Eurasian match (Poland v ??? or something) 4 Nations, 1 Winner Well it's going to be a 3v3 league, with standard clanwar rules we use. Teams So Far: Japan: Capt - [NDC]Ryu Vietnam: Capt. - Hieu Teams we wish to join: Either: South Korea, Taiwan, China, Israel or Australia if needed (but we're trying to find the strongest Asian nation, Australia is in Oceania, but they are part of the Asian Soccer tournaments, if lack on nations of participating, I may ask an Ozzie (*stares at Vicer*) to put in a Last Resort team. As you can see the two teams already entered are far east oriental. If you are Israeli or in a Southern Asian (not Far East) nation that wish to enter this tournament, then feel free to apply by replying here. We don't expect it to be big, only 6 games, but its a league. So the best will be the best!
  12. haha Crack, no such side exists. as for Serbian, we will grow slowly as its hardly impossible to find Vietnamese players in MTA! Thanks for the GL's guys.
  13. Hieu.JZX26

    Sons of Liberty

    Welcome Back guys!
  14. OK, this may sound like a joke to you, but here how it is. We call ourselves the official Vietnamese MTA Squad. Reason being? We're theoretically Vietnamese, just living in different countries due to the Vietnam War, and no-one has yet to be seen to play MTA with Vietnamese Heritage but us. so introducing to you the 3 man army, we are not ready for clanwars yet, but when I start the All-Asian League, we want practice clanwars with other national teams. Team [VN]Hieu (aka NaMShoT) - Captain [VN]N[a]M (aka }FA{N[a]M) [VN]Quoc Other Members (Inactive until Summer): [VN]RedF [VN]-GuNNeR-
  15. Hello? Can't you see my nick? NaMShot, I'm Vietnamese Yeah I'm gonna make my own All-Asia League, I already have 2 Nations applying to join. Hope Taiwan can join.
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