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SA single player wont start


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well uninstalling mta i could do but uninstalling gta isnt good 4 me cuz i have the cd but for some reason it doesent wanna load the game again, but i still playes it :?

if you install a main script mod (.scm) you won't be able to load old games. The only way would be to start a new game or restore the original main.scm.

What mod, specifically, did you slap onto the game?

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install 2 copys 1 for online and 1 for single player

first uninstall sa and delete gta user files in my documents

install sa again

then rename the folder GTA San Andreas to GTA San Andreas mp (in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games )

then uninstall sa in add and remove programs

then reinstall sa again now in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games u have 2 folders 1 GTA San Andreas and the other 1 GTA San Andreas mp

from the GTA San Andreas mp folder put a shortcut on desktop for gta_sa on the desktop and rename it to samp

do same again for GTA San Andreas folder and rename gta_sa to gta_sa_sp

now u have to games instaled 1 for single player and 1 for multiplayer

just install mods to the C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas mp folder

this way u can keep single player and mp away from each other

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well i actualy have 1 copy 4 mods and suck (this is nowe used for mta)

and i have 1 version for singleplayer (but also installed online mods for this accedentaly.

and i ahv some backup files which i will try

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It would be useful if you posted how you fixed this problem in case others are suffering it.

The only cases similar to this that I have come across have been people using Talidans executable patcher, after doing so single player would crash regularly and savegames failed to load (the latter due simply to the version change). Was this your issue?

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