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  1. i got a quakenet irc channel can then ingame chat be linked to it to so ingame chat in the irc for players and not admins ???
  2. i have 2 screens and have remote on 1 and game in other 1 then just press esc to pop me mouse over to the remote screen also if u want to ban mute players get tommis admin script running and do all that from ingame
  3. well if u go ahead with it i can rumble alot of players up for testing though my site gtamp.net
  4. lol best to ask there permison me thinks they would prob even help you or release a new server file if you find the problems and point them out to the team then every one can gain from it
  5. try to search there is a down grader but it 7.30 am so i cant be botherd find it for u
  6. if u are using tommis script do a !recon ingame that will sort map list out
  7. we just need a login based system say based on a mac addy or something then if they caught cheating they banned from every server for good
  8. DEVIL-gtamp.net

    free server??

    http://www.gtamp.net rents them from 50 pence per slot with game switch
  9. there is being made a san andreas london 2 this would be ace it mta team had it on multiplayer check them out at http://www.gtagb.com/
  10. i got the scripts running now with that anti cheat of and all is fine
  11. its not the server lol it a dedicated 3500 64 amd with 2gb ram and 2 x 100mb net connections its the anti cheat
  12. well to start ii thought it was a script me was playing with did it but it kicks a server full with the kicked cheat msg ingame to every 1 in server but sometimes spares some people i turend the anti cheat of a server is running gr8 also noticed when the anti cheat was on the rdc was laggy and running programs like mirc in server took ages get running this all happend after the anti cheat update now it is on the server is sweet no rdc lag no web based cp lag all sweet so it got a but in it somewhere in windows server 2003 and the anticheat
  13. the mta anti cheat for sa has goen pe tong as it now kicks every 1 in server when it feels like it just for fun all at same time any ideas it doing this after last update
  14. yup has to me unmoded best bet is to have 2 versions on pc one clean and one moded one
  15. you need him to port check your pc as if u do it u wont get a good reading on open ports have you a firewall like norton or xp built in firewall ?
  16. well u dont have to be in this forum. the mta team work hard doing all the work for free and all you can do is moan let them charge you for all the work they do then they could do a full support team and call centers if that what you is after or just wait a bit and some 1 will help you but i dont thing they will after this
  17. google a port checking software then get him run it if u have a router what make is it u prob login to the router with in ie or u will need the user and pass to get into the router and look for port forward in there
  18. what modem u got a router ???? its prob defo ports not open get a port checking software for ya m8 and ask him check you ip for port numbers see if they open
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