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  1. good idea, the replay on the other hand would be harder to impliment
  2. it is tied into aiming and that would be a good idea to conserve bandwidth! (so servers that want it on can turn it on and servers that dont turn it off and save bandwidth)
  3. man i really hope this gets added or has already been added.
  4. lol i had never noticed that, lol thats amusing and woudl be a bonus if it were to be synced along with the head movements.
  5. well if rp isnt considered maken use out of it, im attempting to work on a machinima (movie/video made in a game)which uses that action to make the characters talk, and im sure lots of people would use it too
  6. haha. Im with you on this. why? after he sits down his client wouldn't have to send much data as he stays in the same place until he realises that sitting is boring and stands up.. hes got ya there, i think an emote system would be awsome, or at least emotes scriptable
  7. hello everyone. I'm asking if you have, and if you haven't would you consider syncing head movements. (for those who don't know what it is ill show ya some pics and tell ya how its done): that what it looks like, heres how ya do it: you hold NUMB6 or NUMB4 (its different for different people i think) and you move your mouse and the players head moves. I know what your all saying "But Kie why the hell do we need this". well this could be used for role playing and my personal favorite machinima! (making movies in game space) alot of people create videos of mta and they could use this feature.
  8. a feature like this could be used for rp, machinima and just general emotes
  9. no i think something in my data or models folder was corrupted so i replaced them
  10. no, i dont think that would be a very good thing at all mta is trying to make sa multiplayer with some added featurs. if they put that in it would ruin impact of the car and stuff, u all know what i mean
  11. Kie


    yeah i think thats an OK idea but it whould betta if the map maker could set the chain of weather
  12. yeah i agree with that, it does get annoying trying to pm and stuff
  13. well i actualy have 1 copy 4 mods and suck (this is nowe used for mta) and i have 1 version for singleplayer (but also installed online mods for this accedentaly. and i ahv some backup files which i will try
  14. gtat & online andreas also i hav the save game fix from the gtat site that restors the old main.scm but that dident work eather
  15. well uninstalling mta i could do but uninstalling gta isnt good 4 me cuz i have the cd but for some reason it doesent wanna load the game again, but i still playes it
  16. wel my sa single player wont load up a saved game or anything, i was wondering if it is mta doing this or some old online mod i had on there. and is so how to i fix it
  17. Kie

    dm suggestions

    i think alot of people would enjoy a team option, it much more fun to work as a groupe then free for all (in my opinion)
  18. Kie

    dm suggestions

    Sry bout the dubble post well witht the radar thing it was also be good if u could set it so u could only see your team , so u could track your team but the other team can still be stealthy and i had some game type ideas Assult: 1 team attacks another teams base trying to take it over then after a period of time they swich Free for all: we all know what this is CTF: each team tryes to capture something elce of the other team, this has been sayed b4 as capture the trailer Control: There is one place on the map that teams fight for, the team with the most people in there at the one time OR the team that has spent most time in there wins Team Kill: Teams Kill each other, team with most kills win Team race: Teams race to a point I will post more game type ideas as i think of them The map makers should have full control over team skins and place spawns ( they could make cops spawn in the grove if they want) and starting weapons. There should be more than 2 teams max teams 4 maby 6 min team 2 The map maker should deside this also. More ideas as they come!
  19. Kie

    dm suggestions

    well i mean if u wanna carry out stratigyes with your team and such u press T for talk to everyone and Y for your team thats a handy function and even tho this has prob alredy been posted but i wanna reinforce it, STATS would be gud (nout building stats for each time u logg on to a server but overall starts gained) so u can have better pilot and bike skill, and u can also work your way up to carry dual weapons. This would seperate the pros from the n00bs, lol
  20. Kie

    dm suggestions

    im just gonna keep posten ideas in the map maker u shoudl deside weather to hav the radar activated cuz it does spoil some steath attacks
  21. Kie

    dm suggestions

    and u should have a team chat option
  22. Kie

    dm suggestions

    ok well i think it would be great if mta could edit the number of seats to a plane (the at 400 and other big 1 [i forget its name]) cuz im pretty sure its only 2 seats, ive tested in single player with grove boys and a team option for maps would also be nice, so u can have teams fighting against each other
  23. I think it would be good for the traffic lights to be synced, me and my clan are all the time stopping and we get confused cuz they r not synced (we enjoy going on casualy sunday drives around san andreas)
  24. Kie

    fix dis s####

    i tryed that and i still comes up as 20 min
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