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Vice City MOD! Before 0.4!!!

Guest DeZZa

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Why do you guys keep modding GTA3? I understand that you've released 0.3b you guys where started long before Vice City was released! BUT now it is... GTAVC and GTA3 is almost the same game with a few engine upgrades and i don't see a reason why only building upgrades for GTA3... GTA3 is past now! GTAVC is the future... And when GTA4 gets released you're going to stop producing for GTAVC... That's the way to do these things.. You guys have completed your job in making a Multi mod for GTA3... Now you're going to do the next game in the series...

Real programmers hangs to the newest stuff...

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hmm. man u should understand, vice city has coding like gta3, but not completly. if they can understand how everything works in gta3 and get the coding done itll make it easier for vice city. plus there is gtawo which will be multiplayer between both games, so no need for concentrating on vice yet.

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Maybe you don't have to give up with GTA3, but you could create another team, linked to yours, which would work on Vice City.

The thing is that i've been waiting for a good enough version of MTA for so long... and then the 0.3 was released, but I was just bringing home Vice City !

So of course I don't want to play GTA3 anymore !

I hope I will play a good version of MTA-VC before GTA4 will be released ! (just hoping...)


[email protected] (sorry for my very bad english)

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Here's what I think the versions should go like, post your ideas about it too.

0.3.5: Mostly just getting GTA3 Multi that works enough to have it really utilize GTA3 (Less Lag, Peds+Cars, More Weapons, Gamemodes, Chat, etc.)

0.4: Improving GTA3 Multi and experimenting with GTAVC Multi.

0.5: Perfecting GTA3 Multi

0.6: GTAVC Multi now 0.3-ish

0.7: GTAVC Multi now 0.4-ish

0.8: GTAVC Multi perfected

0.9: Last few ideas put in

1.0: Last lag+bug reducing and last few big ideas

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i think its kinda childish to post any kind of "schedule" for the upcoming mta versions, mta progess will go on, it will get better from one release to another and nobody really wants to know which number will be the first with traffic, peds or perhaps will be the perfect mta, so just calm down and wait for them instead of posting something uninteresting.

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Post your schedule then.


0.1 first thingy

0.2 second thingy

0.3 third thingy

0.35 fix up the lag, and most problems in 0.3

0.4 start to add game modes, and try and fix as many bugs as possible

0.4/0.5 games are actually playable as games, and not as run-around-doing-nothings :)

0.5 play around with the code some more, and fix up bugs.

0.6 become a real mod, that's being polished up, and on the same level of 'workness' as Desert Combat

0.7 new game modes, and final tweakings

1.0 game leaves beta, and everyone rejoices. nothing really new, but it isn't beta any more.

1.0000001 fix up some wee bugs, fiddle with things, add new game modes, polish things up














2.0 IN THE FUTURE! Now that robots have taken over the planet, this "game" is no longer needed. The minds of the MTA team are assimilated for their vast collection of "porn".

Resistance is futile.

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if u were talking to me then im toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fat to see it in my mind

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