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  1. Pff... forgot to change the eventhandler element from resourceRoot to this one before making the post.
  2. eMarkersGroup = createElement("GroupedMarkers") local mPosX, mPosY, mPosZ = -2429.3, -613.3, 131.2 eMarkersGroup = { createMarker(mPosX, mPosY, mPosZ, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 0, 0, 90), createMarker(mPosX+10, mPosY, mPosZ, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 0, 0, 90), createMarker(mPosX-10, mPosY, mPosZ, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 0, 0, 90) } ---It Works Is this way better (performance) than resourceRoot ?
  3. Acredito que você poderá se divertir muito se aprender passo a passo como usar a linguagem Lua em MTA e como o MTA funciona (please read the MTA wiki). Um scripter muito conhecido e talentoso da plataforma é o Tederis . https://www.youtube.com/user/TEDERIs https://github.com/tederis
  4. I read the roadmap wrong, there's no time estimated there sorry. It's actually saying 2025-07-01
  5. So, today i was talking with some GTA SA singleplayer modders, i asked them if they could add new cars without replacing stuff from the base game, they've said "Yeas". They copie pasted this mod to me http://gtaforums.com/topic/733982-fastman92-limit-adjuster/ --- Its about expanding the pre-existing id limit to add more maps, weapons, cars and peds. If this had been integrated with MTA it could improve even more the mod. With this "id limit expansion" we could see thousands of new weapons and cars, peds and more maps to land on.
  6. Thanks. m8 Also, i appreciate your explanation to.
  7. I want to know if all SQLite's power is available on MTA (with no restrictions, i mean). Basically. Or there's something that i can't do with SQL due to some restriction on the MTA's side.
  8. So, i choose MTA over SAMP recently, to start learn scripting and developing my own server. Okay... I'm reading some scripts and by them, start browsing about the MTA's integrated systems that could help me develop an amazing or at least good experience, to my self and other players. The first thing that I've been facing is SQLite. I understood that it's a language of some kind to create a database, which could have: group names with their slots and store any change related with those; Items in market with fluctuating price; Car names, colors or price that are owned by the players; Inventory system, etc... But, when i read about SQlite i noticed that there's some features that could be invasive, since it can access third-party programs or CSV files to create analysis between variables. In resume, i want to know if all assets that i could use normally with SQlite is available on MTA:SA.
  9. MTA and Roleplay Introduction I have been wondering about the current Roleplay mode for a while. I have just saw text based ones, i don't know if it's because the scripting quality or the idea that RP == Text based game. I played a lot of RP, it doesn't need essentially the chat. Mode versus Game's System The Mode it's the door and the system is the hall, where you welcome your client/player to stay and build their experience. A good system is hard, scripts with 10k lines could take the first place, but the miscellaneous in each step is the key. Questions: Player based Economy, is it tangible ? Work with animation to represent car crashes/damage taken? Is inventory system worth it on a RP environment ? Would you script at least 10 workable objects that could be interacted with ?
  10. MTA:SA FOR STEAM DOWNSIDE: TK2 could and might take action to buy or even sue the devs if not agreed with a negotiation, incorporating MTA with GTA SA officially, making MTA:SA not free or even worse, adding microtransactions in it. UPSIDE: More players, more servers and scripters. We may see 100K or even 1KK player base online on MTA all day/night. +Node: These 3XA companies only see money as a good income, not a full community of lovers as a good thing for them.
  11. GTAV's multiplayer made by the community it's out. https://forum.gtanet.work/index.php?forums/news-and-updates.2/ The sync it's still in progress but it's one of the firsts MPs that came out this year. Now, we need to sit and wait for Take2 do or don't do something. Personal opinion Take2 want to make us pay GTAV twice. Their GTA Online is terrible (i mean the idea). The community need to have more. Make own mods and play as we like, but Take2 wanted to make it difficult for us and bring a lot of hate for them (well deserved hate).
  12. Why don't you make something like this: How many times the brake was active weather is (rain or storm) then decreases the brake counter Decreases the acceleration made by the breaker or make the vehicle heavier.
  13. Omg, you have touched at the bleeding spot, mate. MTA is WAY better than SAMP. SAMP is full of hackers. I was one of those Skids that played with s0beit to get inside police cars or cheat money. I've also found a bug where you could bypass the s0beit / cleo detector just teleporting 10 fts away. SAMP it's a like test from an 10 years old boy, that he wants to hide from his parents, because he has failed miserably. MTA is the first developing an functional anti-cheat.
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