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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am making this post as a last resort towards my problem (If there are spelling errors, it is because I am writing this in Google Translate) My problem is about a bug (I want to believe) that the clicks do not respond, the alt+F4 does not work and I have to force MTA to close from the task manager I have tried many ways, but none of them have worked, I just hope this works.
  2. Hi guys, i have a problem my mta is resetting everything that i do in menu like chaning name or checking servers to favourites. And something is limiting my fps, last week i got 60fps+ now im getting only 60-61 fps and the thing is i dont know what is this maybe you guys will know the reason of resseting things in menu and limits fps.
  3. I had mta open and was connected to a server but was alt-tabbed out of the game for around 20 minutes and when I alt-tabbed back in to the game I was greeted by an error saying I had DLL Injectors and could not connect to the server, So I assumed it was a glitch and could be fixed by realunching MTA but after launching mta when I tried to connect back to the server I was greeted by a CD47 Ban with description of using DLL Injector. The ban was only for an hour so that's not the problem I wanted to know which process caused the ban to try and avoid this in the feature, I was hoping there would be like a log or something that I could see to indicate what caused it? Because I did not have any DLL Injector open and neither Injected anything into the game. For now my I think it might have been the MSI Afterburner and Rivatuners overlay but I'm not sure. tl;dr I got banned for dll injector and I want to know which process caused it.
  4. La primera vez que instale mta, podia jugar en servidores comun y corriente hasta una vez que dejaron de funcionarme, pues, cada vez que va a terminar de descargar el servidor el juego se cierra solo sin ningun mensaje de error ni nada, del error incluso hice un video donde muestro lo que sucede con un servidor en el que quiero entrar. Ya hice lo que me sugirieron con el MTADiag, aqui esta el link: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/464196500 Ya
  5. Hello , when I start race mode the map load perfectly but there is not vehicle. I check my server's console and I get these error WARNING: race\race_server.Lua:485: Bad Argument @ 'createVehicle' [Expected number at argument 1 , got table] WARNING: race\race_server.Lua:487: Bad Argument @ 'setElementSyncer' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:501: Bad Argument @ 'fixVehicle' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:503: Bad Argument @ 'setElementFrozen' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:504: Bad Argument @ 'setVehicleDamageProof' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\util_server.Lua:187: Bad Argument @ 'getElementalModel' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\race_server.Lua:521: Bad Argument @ 'setVehicleColor' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:517: Bad Argument @ 'fixVehicle' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:519: Bad Argument @ 'setVehicleDamageProof' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:520: Bad Argument @ 'setVehicleEngineState' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean] WARNING: race\modes\base.Lua:521: Bad Argument @ 'setElementFrozen' [Expected element at argument 1 , got boolean]
  6. Hello. I have a problem, I think <include resource .. thingie possibly a bit bugged... And I need a help with it. I have made so called "coremarkers" resource. How it works: you create a race map, put objects (solid boxes model=3798). Open map meta.xml and add <include resource="coremarkers" />. Then when map starts, coremarkers resource starts too and it converts solid boxes into floating boxes without collisions (pickups). Usually it works great, so, map starts, coremarkers start, map stops, coremarkers stop. BUT sometimes coremarkers not stop and it cause problems. I think it's a bug and I don't know exactly how to reproduce it. At some point of testing,coremarkers simply not stop or not start when map starts. Perfectly coremarkers should start when map with coremarkers starts and restart if map played again or stop if map without coremakrers started. And it actually works like that but not always. Must be possible to fix it using Lua scripting but I feel like it's rather hardcoded problem with <include resource.. and honestly no idea how to fix it ezly. Need to write checker which will look into meta.xml and see what resource included and then start it when required and stop. I really don't like this solution Sounds like some annoying bug no one will look into but I hope someone can help me or at least confirm it. About include resource is bugged I know long time ago I think even some scripters confirmed it too. I hope it can be fixed as it's really important thing. coremarkers.zip and map for tests
  7. AJUDA PELO AMOR DE DEUS!! Bom, Nessas últimas semanas, meu mta começou a lagar exageradamente. Acabei fazendo algumas pesquisas em foruns e até no próprio Youtube sobre maneiras de conseguir Diminuir esses Lags, acabei tomando conta de mudar de Windows, ou seja, Voltei para o 7 (sabendo-se que estava no 10). Mas mesmo assim meus problemas continuaram, e antigamente com uma máquina bem inferior onde conseguia cerca de 27 e 30fps, fiz um bom upgrade e agora meu fps caiu para 8!?!? Uso a menor resolução, Gráficos baixos, Todos as configurações no mínimo possível. instalei programas que "ajudariam" e impulsionariam Minha placa de vídeo mas sem funcionar. Acabei apelando por configurações mais avançadas, por exemplo, Diminuir os grafícos do Gta_3 na pasta models e coisas do gênero. Acabou que agora parei com o erro "CL30" com a seguinte mensagem: "Alguns araquivos do GTA:SA foram alterados, portanto podem conter um vírus. Se o MTA não funcionar corretamente, Procure ajuda online. Você deseja verificar a página de ajuda on-line sobre este problema?". E Pra minha surpresa, a resposta dos fóruns foram bem "Diretas", "Procure um antivírus, caso o problema prossiga Reinstale o MTA". Espero uma ajuda porfavos, vou desponibilizar a Versão em inglês simplificada com o Tradutor. Perdão por qualquer erro de digitação que ocorra. Grato. ZeroMeia. HELP FOR GOD'S SAKE! Well, in the last few weeks, my mta has started to squeal too much. I ended up doing some research on forums and even Youtube itself. about ways to get these Lags down, I ended up taking care of changing Windows, that is, I went back to 7 (knowing that I was in 10). I ended up with the error "CL30" with the following message: "Some GTA:SA traps have been changed, so they may contain a virus. If the MTA doesn't work properly, get online help. Do you want to check the online help page about this problem?". And to my surprise, the response from the forums was very "Direct", "Look for an antivirus if the problem continues Reinstall the MTA". If anyone can help me, I accept any opinion. Thank you. ZeroMeia. This translation was done at deepl.com. Config: Sistema: Win7 Ultimate x64 Memória (RAM): 2x4 Processador: AMD Phenom ll x4 965 Processor, 804 Mhz, 4 Núcleo(s) Bios: American Megatrends Inc. Memória Física: 1 TERA, 1000 Gigas ( SSD: 232 Gigas. HD INT: 300 Gigas. HD INT: 500 Gigas.) Placa de vídeo: GTX 770 (2 VRAM) Contato: Discord: ZeroMeia#9972 Gmail: [email protected] / [email protected] Wpp: +55 11 98504-0916 Plase HELP!! <l3
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