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  1. -irc.multitheftauto.com- *** You are permanently banned from irc.multitheftauto.com (go fuck yourself) - Closing Link: Xpgamer1[@@[email protected]@@[email protected]@@[email protected]@@.client.insightBB.com] (User is permanently banned (go fuck yourself)) Any ideas? I haven't been on the irc server for about a year so... if a moderater would like the ip then pm me. thanks
  2. Wee!!! I want to stunt again.. come on thargore.. havent watched the video yet but i cant wait for 2.0 and i just about got the forum up the webhost is messed up... well anyways ttyl.
  3. ya i think it was, i just looked at a mail-bomber you can choose your "fake" email.. and you pick your server.
  4. its weird.. it must of been some redirect maybe? i find it messed up... but o well it was new didnt have any passwords in it
  5. i think it was support not that sure.. i tried to get into my email account but its gone.. Thank god it was my NEW email account but im not blamin it on you guys.. i think it was just a low life that bombed me.
  6. hey, I emailed to one of you about somethings, and back i got a reply 50 times with the sobig virus . I shut down that email.. but why would this happen?
  7. Heres the thing..its not so much as stunts..we free stunt...if you go in to our video forum then you will see that...we like doing things like stunts..but we need more bikes so that we can have 2 packers and then 3 people and each side then a jump. This has come up many times when we play..
  8. Well, Were a crew not a gang. Dont ask me why its like that. Ask Thargore.
  9. Hey There, In the later versions do you think you can think of a stunt mode. Like so that we can have about 10 bikes..Me and the fellow players..Thargore..We are of the Crew ViceCity Stunt Crew. We love your mod. It made or game play much better. When we all get the PCJ900's and get some ramp trucks and some helis. Its all a great time. Must people that stunt prob. Agree with me..Thanks for your time. I just hope you will think about this. -]Xpgamer
  10. Hey, I have been looking..you guys posted a screenshot of howmany kills and the player names..and there pings..how do you bring that up?
  11. why not? i love doing stunts..the only reason i play the game but i cant join your irc channel! -nvm-
  12. Hey, This is xpgamers older brother...he was on my computer today and i saw some of the posts he made and you know..just on my behalf i wanna say sorry for what he said..i fixed it for him..hes just a dum ass..lol anyways..it works now..
  13. The files are no where to be found why is this? I think thats why my gta:vc isnt working right..if you can send them to me please do that [email protected] I think they are not extracting from the installer. Just i have been messing with this for about 6 hours..please!!!
  14. to answer your english q. its YES i do run it in english.
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