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  1. God....why is it everyone mistakes RP to RPG.I`ve said it thousands of times on these boards RPG : Game based on char stats,items and skills.Mostly following a set story line or does not have a great diversity or character dialog Rp : This game is created by its players...the world is controlled by them..they have to decide if they`re actions are right or not...shooting a police officer in the head could give big consquences.The player has to have a attitude,a past,a future and a present. and i saw a rp server..user errors...but as soon as i joined...it disconnected and it wont work
  2. well...for the past 3 hours..i`ve searching the forums fr every single problem reported.Even the topics that talked about my problem didnt seem to fix it....simple..every time i join a game.i hear an engine at the char select screen and BAM!my gta freezes and all i can do is reset or log off any help?
  3. sorry fastest...already told em all about it...they said it wasent interesting..guess we`ll just have to make our own private servers and let the people from nick mame and pixel games join
  4. fawk....yea..it used to work with my no-cd crack but since i got 0.2 wich i have been waiting for a long time...well it wont work
  5. *GhOsTdOg*

    the M.I.B

    Well...i am not aloud talking about the mib...i am not telling whos in it and what they do...i am not even apart of the mib..i am used as a messenger...and right now they are watching me Anyway....if your tired about the old fashion gang (aka guies running in streets shooting at each other) and feel like becoming an important charachter in the vice city community...they can help you do that line...they shall watch you...and you may become one of them they are looking for members.if you are one of the following... 1: able to Host a server 2: make a webpage 3: are a good roleplayer then you are qualified e-mail at [email protected] or aim at kupamytroopa. the MIB do not own any territory...they control vice city...the media,the money...everything if you wish to have territory in are upcoming server....e-mail us...and we shall set a rendevous point
  6. well i read it on a site where they were asking the gta creators....as i said...they had it running...but took it out...it was just too bad
  7. i`ve said this so many times....rockstar had made a mp for gta3 when they made it for pc...they had a deathmatch working perfectly...but they took it off....because they found out it sucked ( i dont think it had cars ).They didnt want to give a bad name to they`re game so they took it out...but somewhere in the files...(heard this from a frenhc team making gta online) there are all the crap you need to make a multiplayer match or whatever
  8. LOl....beware the pc suckyness p3 499 128 mb RAM 19g HD geforce 2 mx 400 64 mb.... and guess what.....gta3 and VC work perfectly for me...sometimes i get a bit lagg in vc...thats all
  9. add the MIB!its my underground group...we are all very respected people in portland and vice city...business man and such..but at night...we raise hell we own the towns ....we could be some wierd underground guies that the pincipal char meets a couple of times
  10. at first gta had mp....they had a deathmatch running up...but took it off because they didnt loose time on something that would give gta a bad name
  11. oh...sorry if im kidna ignorant when its about modding ....i did not know they had to code every thign again and put back all the weapons in the game....thank you for shinning a light on me
  12. thank you agrafeuse....or should i say merci....anyways...yea...i am only asking people if they want to try out rp on gta...me and my buddys did...but they are waiting for the next version...then my friend nick will move his ts rp server to gta...so if anyone wants to try out roleplay...just join the roleplay server..(not up yet )
  13. Well....i`ve been playing mta alot and tought that.....you should`ve left all the weapons and cars where they were...i miss the spas12 and the snipers.....and you took out cars a some places that should of been left the same.... Ex = Vercetti estate....that nascar is not very fun...you should`ve left lance`s car....thats just me tought...
  14. theres a huge diference between rpg and rp.....rpg`s are where you build up your char and go on quests and stuff.....rp is playing a guy in the city....very fun....especialy for clans and gangs...like be a mob with each a dif job in the mob Ex : Don,hitman,driver,smuggler and such
  15. Heh...true....you must be a kid...because truth come out of the mouth of childreen....anyways..at first..i tought roleplaying was kinda dorky...until i tried it and now im addicted to it ....about an hour ago..i had the swat model and was in a cop car..then saw some guy steal a car...at first...he stopped...then he stepped on the gas and we had a chase scene as for those geeks walkign around streets.....i did something of the kind last year.....from 12 pm to 12 pm....me and my buddies played dungeon live ( one my my buds bro wanted us to try ).....we ended up making camp fires and such....we fell asleep and that sleazy bastard stole are stuff...(weapons were made out of hockey sticks with mossy stuff and tape on it and we would use boxing gloves for fist fights) so yea....it was funny....all we really did was walk around and beat up who ever we saw.....we were on top of a small moutain up north....the top was flat and kinda like a field..all around were trails...challets and a lake....it was fun...dont think i`d do it again tought
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