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    Ok then i live in the netherlands.
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  1. they're updating the system Sorry didnt noticed i only saw a white screens that said acces denied no other sentences but thanx mad_boy for saying this there is always still http://www.gta3.net
  2. k THis is really odd i visited gta3mods.de 3 minutes ago and it said access denied, uhm whats happening i was always allowed to view the site but now it said acces denied. anyone know whats happening with the site?
  3. Eai only the coders know a bit more i think, they know how far its done i think and they already can make a planning when its done at least i think they can maybe not. i will just wait for the best release ever of mta.
  4. LOl Golfball warmers :P:P I really hope we get some snow in the netherlands its really fun but for the last years there havent been any/ not much snow. Btw i live in the east of the netherlands at the sea.
  5. Nice it looks sweet maybe more with different colors maybe bleu (my favorite color)
  6. Not much here either in the netherlands its only RAIN,RAIN and rain. sometimes snow but then its maybe 1 or 2 inches.
  7. you may have found out yourself again but gtam is getting back into the gta/ multiplayer moding again they changed their site http://www.dheat.co.uk/ i think this is just another Hoax again its going like quit/start/quit/start with that site and stuff this was posted on their forum
  8. This is just the Vid clip of Eric Prydz so whats wrong with that if you have that as your signature
  9. THIS is just an isue of gta3 nothing to do with any software i have the same problem to and i just overclocked my videocard a bit to get it to run some more faster but it still strugles with loading stuff in the game i dont have this in vice city but its just something with gta3 its not your system. there is an email adres to respond to if you are facing problems just email rockstar i gues they have some tips to get it run faster.
  10. I never know that Liberty CIty was in SA untill i saw that movie really fun I wish there were some screens of it. it sounds to a mysterie to me.
  11. K while i was surfing the internet i found an interesting movie maybe you saw it already maybe not but its really weird stuff. Download it here http://www.edgefiles.com/download/gtaga ... yShort.zip Its for sure thats liberty city atleasy an left over. i wanna know more secrets
  12. |-A-A-D-|

    SP2 sucks

    One tip dont install it onto an cracked xp version i have an cracked xp version 2 and the only problems i am facing with updates of microsoft is that this is going slower and slower the last time i installed all the updates was when i used my old 40 gig harddrive that one is now broke im now using an 80 gig and still no problems without the updates
  13. im not stupid to click on these links you moron i already knew this and this is not coming trough msn its comming trough spyware that someone sends to u the files he sends are already infected with spyware and when you open it you got it to
  14. Who is gonna play gtat actualy the time when it will be released everybody will playing mta 0,5 i think
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