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  1. So, with the release of blue looking so ever sooner. Does blue have any anti-cheating implemented? Will we expect a large cheating community? Because of the fact it's only racing I can see a lot of people ready for using cheats. Also, just read your going to release the SDK. Will that have some problems that will come backstab you with cheating? Not a fan of the cheating community that has came with GTA online (MTA,VCMP) despise them all. So will we expect less cheating? Not an expert on programming what so ever, but is it not possible to have somebody on the team, search for cheats and change what is needed? then release small updates? I know that might sound crazy, but just something from the top of my head. P.S I obviously know cheating will always happen, just asking if there is any protection against it.
  2. In any GTA online game so far from the MTA series to VC:MP when 2 cars collide it seems to be the most unsynced moment in the game, you could be ripping the road apart at full speed when you hit a car full on, that car wont move, it will continue to drive as normal you on the otherhand will go under it and flip and whatnot, or when your travelling neck and neck and the two cars kiss and you both move in to bump each other and you crash and his car remains intact. So to the point. Does the Race Mod have this problem fixed? It will be a key thing bumping the other car out the way and it will be bad if it is the same state as currently in the previous mods. Cheers.
  3. Great progress! looks brilliant so far! Well done SA-MP team.
  4. You can't understand? I'll tell you then. I am waiting patiently for the game, I'm not a one to ask for release dates or whatnot. But this is a new point exactly, there has been a lack of updates and as a player I'm only trying to help this game. Look up 'pointless' in the dictionary next time and tell me if my thread fall's into that category, and while your there check most or your spelling too.
  5. Not exactly, basicly an update every fortnight or so, about your current task's and problems. ''yet when we make some major announcements they are ripped to pieces and theres complaints that they don't contain enough information.'' That has only been brought by your team by your current update policy, you see when we wait for 2 months and an update comes out that does not impress the majority, that will create tension. Where as if you keep the community updated more often, i can guarantee you will see less of the complaints. This isn’t a guessing game, i have been with many mods who have proved this.
  6. Exactly, i think half of the 'when is blue getting released?' and asking silly questions is from the lack of updates, we all know you guys are working on this, and i really don't see a problem with small updates every so often, but you have to understand that even from a long time player (myself) this so called 'kept in the dark' is even wearing itself on me now, just leaves a bad impression on MTA. Keeping the community's moral up by telling them your progress and explaining your tasks will surely pay off. Remember you guys make the game, but it's us that will make your game a success.
  7. I may have done so, And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Could you guys not use the front page for updates every few weeks? Not asking for some in depth article, just a bit of brief progress Info. Cheers
  8. Don’t you think? It's been a while now since any sort of update, now i know the MTA teams policy with people asking for updates, it seems it's a 'when we feel its ready' type of attitude or a surprise for when it comes. Now I’m all for that, its good when you get an update and it's all a big surprise for when the day comes but like most mods for games, they tell you the problems that arouse or the current 'thing' they are working on. Point of my post? I would just like a little bit of confirmation on what you guys are doing, It's been a while since we have heard anything. I know you guys are working, and this post will not speed anything up in the slightest but this is simply a request. I don't see no harm in telling the public what your currently working on (even if we don't understand half of it) it's interesting too now what you guys are doing. No need to spoil any surprises you might not want us to know. But can you please keep the community a bit more updated? Even if it is the slightest of updates. It helps a bit with moral. Cheers
  9. Loving the progress. And there constant updates for the public, good luck too them, They got there self another fan.
  10. If i had to choose an interior too go, it would be hot ring followed by the ocean view hotel, I mean come on besides from getting the hot ring cars from inside its useless! It might get used the odd time but i would be happy to see it go.
  11. Prick, now everybody will do it!
  12. Lol, you realize that´s what you just did? Anyways love you guys too. No I never, read my post carefully and you will see that there was no Criticism what so ever, My post was completely about decision making, Not the game its self. I’m making a point that somebody made a bad decision down the line, but as pointed out shit happens and lets see whats next.
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