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  1. Postal

    MTA 0.4.1 Released

    Great work agen working well now no crashes of yet and my ping is back in the 20's
  2. Postal


    good work i love GTA3 but vice city i am having loads of crashes in servers with more than 10 players in and some lag from what iv seen its mosty when its foggy or raining but anyway good work guys keep it up
  3. cool thx not almost never crash now but that might be that i only use small servers i find the more ppl the more i crash
  4. they hate OC so much because i banned the hole clan because i had 4 of them in the server and 3 of them had max hp cheat on and the other had a speed hack BTW OC is now over most of the members started a new clan so good luck guys sorry but with work college and some other stuff i dont have much time any more you will have the server till the 15th of august
  5. Postal

    Network Status

    fucking kid with nothing better to do mess the hole thing up i think we should all get togever and hunt the little fucker down
  6. Postal

    Network Status

    That's what I was thinking too... Or maybe it could be cheaters / hackers who want to delay 0.4 because they're worried about the anti-cheat features? that sounds about right cant play with out cheats then dont play
  7. Postal

    Network Status

    loged on last night to see the new screenys and the site was down why would some1 do this to you guys your MOD is the best
  8. the hole (UIF) clan we have 3 in the server and they were cheating inf ammo inf hp and flying cars speed hack
  9. September 2003 as postal always been postal
  10. **Blaze** **Blaze* Blaze {OC}Blaze does any1 have to keep banning him too he is starting to piss me off now i ban him by name he changes it i ban him by IP he changes it is there anything i can do to stop him plz help me
  11. ok i know almost all the guys in UVA and i have never seen any of them cheating. andy is a good player and i know he dont cheat maybe you should talk to them and find out beffor banning the hole clan
  12. ok but with people spawn with it and its not in the game then you can kixk them but now they just say they just got it from some1 so i cant kick them
  13. NO wot i mean is that cheaters spawn with it with its not in the game they cant use it with out ppl knowing they cheat
  14. for the love of god please take out the spaz
  15. with MTA 0.4 will there be as many cheaters because there is more and more every day now . have you come up with a way to find trainers in ppls game or mods .
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