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  1. FMJ OLI isnt that u who was posting kidds stuff on our site
  2. Lamo ok punk dont matter if u dont want a DEATHMATCH prob some of your other clan team will who have the balls
  3. Why does everyone think we cheat by now i think u should no u cabnt cheat i would love to though but no point cause i could own u anyway simple as
  4. Why dont u have a deathmatch match then lmao
  5. Well who is it then twat VCK what a dick just have a deathmatch with us would we ask if we thought we would loose we will own u mann
  6. Nahh im lying lol just try us
  7. Anyone want to have a deathmatch with us then let us no http://WWW.UKGANG.TK we have owned VCK 2 times now + Oc when we was gta-clan
  8. Tmm Vs [uK] Make A Date http://WWW.UKGANG.TK
  9. Contact Us On http://WWW.UKGANG.TK
  10. We will fight u in a deathmatch make a date on our site http://www.ukgang.tk could i ask the admin to sign up please
  11. That Manhunt Pic Is One Of Many [uK] Pics
  12. Right this one goes out to all the other clan we are Gta-Clan we are ready for many clanwars , deathmatches so if u want one http://www.gta-clan.tk post it on there Hope To Hear From Clans Thanks
  13. Gta_Tx


    Check us out at http://www.gta-clan.tk
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