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  1. Nice feature to combine with multiplayer patience... This dead body goes back to his grave...
  2. Harry

    Map Center DOWN O_O

    Proly... Flame on guys, flame on.. but no thx, im out again.. and yes, i hate that e-mailnotification.. i like some guys in here, yeah... But whatever... i'm not flaming anyone, and wyeah, it is shit... and yes i made it.. so what? find someone else to code shitty crap, if this is a way someone returning to solve a problem should be treated: fine with me. Shame of the good old fun times i had with MTA.
  3. Harry

    Map Center DOWN O_O

    You can see everything and accuse more as you want... center is crap, but not because of the coding
  4. Harry

    Map Center DOWN O_O

    Putting it down is a nicer solution as trying to fix it. No one needed it at all
  5. IMHO a decent hack/anything to solve a problem won't get you banned.
  6. Not correct. The MTA Web Team is responsible for the MTA Center. At the moment, they are building and desininging a new version. Just wait for it and don't complain about things you get for free.
  7. Harry

    phpMTAS 2.0

    Honestly, if you dont know how to set up basic server things, why do you even want to set up and admin one?
  8. Oh, the slipstreamed it with the last update. Forget my message plz What server are you connecting to? What IP / port? Firewalls disabled?
  9. Warning: dont spam, keep on topic please!
  10. Blahblah Closed Dont bump
  11. UltraEdit (Windows) or TextEdit (Unix) for the win! And for the serious work, Eclipse is your partner!
  12. Keep a) on topic b) off color
  13. Harry

    Big Script

    And like that one Locked
  14. please edit your top post to have a decent subject, covering your question plz
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