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  1. Hi there, Is there a way to add scores to Capture the Vehicle? I love the gamemode but it's getting a bit boring after a few hours playing it without earning anything. It would be cool if the team would get a point for capturing the car or the person who brought it back earns a lil money. This is why I couldnt do it myself, the problem is that I don't know how the script detects who is returning the car and my server doesn't have any cash scripts on it yet. (And I'm still a bit of a noob with lua ) Hope someone has the time to fix this! Thnx!
  2. [23:15:14] QUIT: Doctor_Bonzai left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: dexist left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: AmbulancerBob left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Bloodredsummer left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: SultaN left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: FokZz left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Jutopia left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: IDI*NA*HUY left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Benzinoheat left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: zoom left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: [sUPRA]exorqut0r left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: DerekTrotter left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Gomer left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: KEKC left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: McBoB left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: overboost left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: PoLiNi.nl left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Timon left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: N1c0L4s left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Zond left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: [sUPRA]exorbist left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: Elek left the game [Timed out] [23:15:14] QUIT: RibaSS_PT left the game [Timed out] [23:15:17] CONNECT: Zond connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:17] JOIN: Zond joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:23] CONNECT: AmbulancerBob connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:23] JOIN: AmbulancerBob joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:23] CONNECT: [sUPRA]exorbist connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:23] JOIN: [sUPRA]exorbist joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:23] CONNECT: RibaSS_PT connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:23] JOIN: RibaSS_PT joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:25] CONNECT: KEKC connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:25] JOIN: KEKC joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:33] CHAT: RibaSS_PT: nOw wtf? when i was delivering the car i get dc'ed ? [23:15:37] CONNECT: zoom connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:37] JOIN: zoom joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:38] CONNECT: Gomer connected (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:38] JOIN: Gomer joined the game (IP: --.---.--.--) [23:15:43] CHAT: RibaSS_PT: wtf! [23:15:44] CHAT: Gomer: ............ [23:15:54] CHAT: RibaSS_PT: shooting me when he is on the same team as me and im with the vehicle.. [23:16:10] QUIT: [sUPRA]exorbist left the game [Quit] [23:16:48] QUIT: Gomer left the game [Timed out] [23:16:48] QUIT: KEKC left the game [Timed out] [23:16:48] QUIT: zoom left the game [Timed out] [23:16:48] QUIT: Zond left the game [Timed out] [23:16:48] QUIT: RibaSS_PT left the game [Quit] Because it wasnt a "crash" it didnt create a dump file I think, so here is a part of my serverlog. This is were they all disconnect. Massive timeouts @ [23:15:14] . Game freezes for 5 seconds, than they come back and after 2 mins it happens again... I checked manually for hackers (by tracking their IP's in the serverlog) and see if theirs any combination with a IP and the server freezing. Didn't find any. So I hope this is a known issue and will be solved in the next update, if not: I request everyone who has the same problem to post this problem in this topic. So I'm sure I'm not the only one. (Anyone with a solution can post a message too ofcrouse )
  3. Ive just had the same problem. My server had 40 of the 64 players, pings were fine, CPU was fine, FPS was fine. And suddenly everyone and everything timed out for 15 seconds. After that the server just went on with the same gamemode (capture the vehicle) and the same round. Very wierd . Let's hope people didn't find some kind of hack already! my specs: Windows XP PROF Service pack 2 Version 2002 Inter® Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz 3500 MB Ram
  4. Btw, I know its a hard to get those stats resetted, it was just that people keep changing names.. But that means more stats in the stats file, so doesnt that make the mirc very slow?
  5. It is working, it only doesnt tell how much cash they get for rating. Its just saying: Bonus for your time... But it adds the money. So the var is working.. You know why it doesnt show it in the pm? I tryed to put int he command too, but thats doesnt work neither
  6. alias prs.ratemap { var %race = $replace($mta.race($1),$chr(32),$chr(45)) if (%race == Unknown || %race == $null) { mta.text $1 Error: Unknown Mapname - Unable To Rate. } else { var %nick = $mta.nick($1,$2) if (!$4) { mta.text $1 $mta.race($1) $+ : Map Rating: $prs.rating($1) $+ /10 mta.pm $1 $2 Your Rating For This Map: $prs.playerrating($1,$2) $+ /10 } elseif (($4 < 1) || ($4 > 10) || ($4 !isnum)) { mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Invalid Amount (1-10) } else { if ($prs.playerrating($1,$2) != Unrated) { !hadd prsmaprate %race $+ total $calc($iif($hget(prsmaprate,%race $+ total) == $null,0,$v1) - 1) !hadd prsmaprate %race $+ maxvotes $calc($iif($hget(prsmaprate,%race $+ maxvotes) == $null,0,$v1) - $prs.playerrating($1,$2)) } !hadd prsmaprate %nick $+ %race $4 !hadd prsmaprate %race $+ total $calc($iif($hget(prsmaprate,%race $+ total) == $null,0,$v1) + 1) !hadd prsmaprate %race $+ maxvotes $calc($iif($hget(prsmaprate,%race $+ maxvotes) == $null,0,$v1) + $4) mta.text $1 %nick Rated $mta.race($1) $+ : $prs.playerrating($1,$2) $+ /10 .timer 1 1 mta.text $1 Current Map Rating: $prs.rating($1) $+ /10 - Total Votes: $iif($hget(prsmaprate,%race $+ total) == $null,0,$v1) [color=#FF0000] if ($prs.playerrating($1,$2) != Unrated) .timer 1 3 mta.pm $1 $2 Thank you for voting, you get $calc(75 * $pgs.bidlevel($1,$2)) for your time![/color] ; used to auto remove maps after 10 votes if map rating is less than 2. (the 10 votes and 2 rating can be changed to suit) if ($hget(prsmaprate,%race $+ total) == 10) && ($prs.rating($1) < 4) { !hadd prsstats removed $+ %race removed !hdel prstimes 1stnick $+ %race !hdel prstimes 1st $+ %race mta.text $1 $prs.mode($1) $+ : $mta.race($1) Had less then 4 rating so has been Auto-Removed } } } } Ive got 2 things scooby. The one above, Ive got that auto rating remove script on. But people dont spent time to rate the maps So, what is the best way to get people doing something, just give them something in return.. Like cash. I tryed myself, but like I said before, im terrible with hashes, prs etc. Maybe you could have a look at it? They have to get cash only for their first vote, because at my script they get cash for everytime they type !rate Second thing, people are asking 24/7 if it's possible to reset the stats, did you add that too to your script? Like the auto remove? So I only have to take away those ;; to make it work? Hope to hear from ya soon
  7. Aaaah man! Im trying so hard to think of better things for your script.. After a month I think of this, and u already have it Sick man, seems like this script is 100% complete! Thank you very much for you fast reply!
  8. Yo Scooby, First of all, congrats with this #1 script. All the servers are using it Sick! Your script is also the only thing that keeps me playing MTA. Second: I have a new challange for you... I tried myself but it didnt go that well Im not that good @ prs commands and hashes. So heres my question. Is it possible to let players delete maps by voting? So a map will be removed like !remmap after it had 20 votes and when the rating is below 2,5 ? That would be great and saves me alot of time. Would be great if its possible! Gr Keslertje
  9. Hi scooby, do u have a command to make the lottery run when their have to be at least 10 players and the max fund has reached? I tryed alot, but couldnt get it bug free. Thnx
  10. what i find rather funny is how well the script works for everyone, yet for u, and one other person... all u have is problems. im wondering if maybe its not the script but the user:P i just dont see how it can work perfectly on all the servers i monitor, yet for u, u have problem after problem. im kinda unsure how u can restart the script, it shows its restarted, but fails to work... and like i said b4, im quite happy to help u fix any problems... tell me what server, and i'll come check it out. coz all these problems ur saying, they just dont happen on any of the servers i run the script on. I don't think its the user... (so me), on most of the cases I'm just the first one who detects them. And in some (only 1 I thought) cases, like the alias thing, I had an old version of ur script. And most of the times it isnt a problem but a request like, !transfer for only 1 name, or mapchange for only level 5 and !random (that wasnt working) for level 4... So I'm really trying to help u with the script, and myself ofcourse with ur help. And I'm not just a user, I'm a real big fan of you and ur script
  11. Yeh, it does reconnect... But the script doesnt listen to the commands anymore... So I have to restart the script. So if there's a person who knows how to fix this please tell me! .
  12. but how i can change mine level then? Go to your mtaserver.conf on the server (Default map: C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\race) And open it in a text editor. Scroll down and add an admin like this: # Admin # Required: No # Purpose: Defines all the people in-server who can rcon_login to admin # Format - Admin # Notes: # admin-level must not go above 5 # Names and passwords are case sensitive Admin kekku500 password 5 (dont forget to take away the # before admin! Then go to your server and press f8, typ in the console rcon_login password Now you are logged in in admin level 5 in the script!
  13. Thanks for your reply!!! But reconnecting is not the problem its the problem that mirc keeps busy with all those commands. Thats the prob. So mirc has to like close down and start all over again... It doenst have to close down, but just use the script again like it just started. Without all the spamming commands.
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