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  1. Hi... Been gone for awhile... is the weapon system in the new release essentially the same? Like, will I have to re-learn how the guns fire? Are the grenades synced?
  2. I like doing racing and stunting, but I hate the stunt servers. I don't like the random ass ramps everywhere... I wanna see what stupid things I can do with the city as it is. Also, having guns is cool, you can decide to stop and fight if you want... and defending yourself from someone thinking they can get an easy score off a Racer class always makes the stunts right after a little bit more fulfilling.
  3. How about the racer class, instead of the plumber's crack kilt wearers, how about some hot chicks instead? Heheh, or you can just crash Vice City a couple times, and maybe someone's model will be displayed as a stripper. I know people have seen me as a stripper before, and I've seen people as strippers after a VC crash. So, one bonus of getting a crash in the game.
  4. I think it would be fun to have air combat, but maybe in a seperate game mode. Like have a few hunters on one side of the map, and some on the other. In a regular deathmatch game, that shit will only get whored, and it will get old very fast.
  5. For one thing, don't spawn as the spawn war class if you don't want a spawn war. Also, I think, since really, the best weapon versus a good player with a stubby, is another stubby. Other weapons have certain counter-weapons to use against them, but I haven't found any good weapon to use against a good stubby player besides the stubby. To get more back to the thread topic, why not, instead of randomized spawning - for one thing, since these classes/careers are supposed to be played as a team, I don't think random spawn would be the way to go - so why not, just have multiple spawns in the same area? Like have the robbers spawn in all three houses on Prawn Island, and the mexicans spawn in the different concourse tunnels in the airport? This should atleast alleviate the spawn point harvesting, and allow you, if you just have to be that class, to avoid any spawn area battles.
  6. Well, although I usually just mess around instead of shooting anything that moves, I notice that many new people always ask if there is some point, or if there is teamplay, and whatnot. I think, if anything, there should be more incentives to play as teams, then just spawn raping the airport, or shooting anything that moves, etc. I'd like to see some of the mIRC scripted gamemodes on the official servers, considering they often have players, and many new players, seeing somewhat clear objectives, might stick around longer - I've seen several who think the game is a bit too chaotic, which it is - not that it's a bad thing - and maybe having some more defined objectives to play, may make the game easier to get into for new players. Just my 31,000 Turkish Lira.
  7. I've noticed that whenever a ULK joins a server, there is a new maroon dot. Which means, danger for many of the innocent bystanders of our great city! As responsible citizens of Vice City, we can't allow this danger on our streets! Think of the Children! Everytime a ULK kills with a stubby, five children starve to death in Somalia. Please, think of those poor kids. Oh yeah, and God kills kittens too (God seems to enjoy killing kittens or something). So please think of the Children, and the Kittens. Vote YES on Vice City Municipal Referectum Anus. Note for the slow: this is not a serious proposal or poll, but a joke. Last night a few ULK guys kept cleaning this one guy's clock on the official servers, and instead of not spawning as robber and fighting the two ULKs, he instead decided to start calling them cheats, and laggers (both ULK were below 100 ping), and other shit. Just avoid them, dumbass! But I thought it was funny, and thought up this little joke. And since I figured most people on these forums spam, I felt I could put up something inane as well.
  8. I run Winblows 2000, and if Vice City freezes, I just push ctrl-alt-del, then alt-T (for Task Manager) and then alt-E twice (End Task, End Now). I've found it's the fastest for me, because the Program Error box doesn't always come up, or it does several seconds after VC has froze anyway.
  9. Hi Something I've noticed while playing the latest MTA:VC on the new official servers: when I spawn as sailor, I drive around collecting SMG ammo, and then stop by Leaf Links to get a melee weapon (getting in the caddy)... I have noticed, whenever I have grabbed the golf club, and select it, I get kicked from the game for suspected trainer usage. I then loaded up a server of my own on my lan and tried it out as well, and the same thing occurs... whenever I select the golf club I was kicked for suspected trainer usage. I guess I should point out I have no mods for GTA:VC at all. Just thought this was wierd, and slightly annoying, and wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
  10. Fluffy

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    The problem with this whole poll, I think, is that people were adding too much to the basic question. I voted for option 2, because I'd rather be able to go through the whole city. I think if you would go with option 1, there should be more specific objectives then just random free-for-all deathmatch play. In MTA:VC, having the whole city open is what makes it so great - if you don't want to have a big fight, go drive to an empty neighborhood with a buddy (or an enemy) and have a small little duel. Or just drive around doing stunts... the large playing space give you options. So if the playing space is gonna be constrained, there might as well be specific missions/objectives to follow. That's just my 31,000 Turkish Lira.
  11. Actually, I have grown to like the .45 pistol alot, since I lost my timing with the second shotgun blast (knock them down, time the second shot right, they die)... so I switch to pistol and just spray in their direction. I find that works really good. Also, since you can move and shoot with the pistol, and most SMGs, it helps alot too... like when you are a Racer class, you don't have the firepower to do a stand-off fight, so you have to bob'n'weave!
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