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  1. zColza

    Windows 11

    Thank you! ?? i already installed windows 11 MTA is running stable. Everything is alright
  2. zColza

    Windows 11

    Hello dear MTA developers. im thinking to update my pc to Windows 11 but can i play MTA stable in windows 11?
  3. you have to make these settings from nvidia and from pc settings https://www.hizliresim.com/7ysz0l6 , https://www.hizliresim.com/k36e9rb
  4. So firstly can you write me your PC specs and which version of windows you are using.
  5. Hi, Did you instaled your Graphic card drivers?
  6. Nice work MTA devs , u guys still making this lovely game play able. Thank you guys so much! keep it up
  7. zColza

    Ban appeal

    Firstly Hello,dear MTA admins. I have been banned from MTA for a long time ago. At this time i'm not going to lie about anything, in the begining i got banned by making lagswitchers (tried to compile lagswitch source codes.) and i got deserved this ban. after that ban i learned too much thinks because before that ban i was blinded by greed... I was trying to win peoples with cheats, after that ban i thinked too much time about what's wrong with me, and found the right answer. No one likes cheaters in any game because this community maden for take fun with friends and play with your talent and skills, if you use any cheats you going to ruin their game flow and no one likes this one. Exactly pointless to use cheats. Anyway i have to say thank you to MTA admins after that ban i added a lot of thinks to my self changed my behavior now i'm not like a an child guy which one is trying to make cheats and toxic. And i tried ban evade ( i know i'm too stupid..) MTA admins baning us for learn a lot of thinks from the past bad times so don't try to evade your ban. I learned a lot of thinks from my mistakes i just want a chance from you i want to prove that i changed my self.. And again i'm so sorry about everything i hope i will get a chance. Thank you for reading my unban appeal, Best regards Sincerly. Serial:804F0F90C06984FCFC84375A3410F483
  8. zColza

    ddos ban

    serial 804F0F90C06984FCFC84375A3410F483 ban with reason "DDOS"
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