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  1. Temporarily. http://www.wojjie.net/gameServer-Order.php?game=4
  2. There are more results than 50, you just have to hit the next page button. Which looks like a ">>" Guess it should be made more obvious.
  3. You mean your servers are not listed yet? I just checked, 3 e-frag servers are listed.
  4. I told them to remove it. Have a nice day.
  5. Wojjie

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    This is also a new server.
  6. I find it amusing that when things are going great, no one comments. But right when something happens, thats all you hear about. Funny is it not? This post is a bit old, so I do not remeber why it might of been lagging. There was a day when a website got attacked causing a huge load on apache. That might be what you were refering to, and that only lasted for a few hours. Its better that the forum be laggy during an attack on the server then not be accessible at all. We do have flood protection, but it does not protect against this style of attack that was used, atleast not at the current moment. I will not mention what kind it is here, just incase someone decides to get clever. Have a good day.
  7. *wells up with tears* lol its amazing how u think u can copywrite things p.s. be sure to sue this guy http://www.weirdalforum.com/forum/index ... topic=2968 might wanna use google to, im sure ul find some more people ripping off "your technique" In your link, the guy uses 5 "bla", while DeathB only uses 3. So he is still safe.
  8. I doubt rockstar would have anything against from making money off the product MTA indirectly. Like you can not sell the actual MTAVC mod, but you can sell ad space on the website, or other various indirect sales. You just can not make money off the mod directly.
  9. If you are interested how abouts I ended up hosting MTA, it all started with Cray. I have known him for quite some time, and heard he got involved with this project. He started getting involved in MTA just after Wojjie Networks got its first Dual server. Anyways, when the site got flooded with hits and downloads of the first MTA version ( I think it was the first version ), they started getting into problems with bandwidth usage being as high as it was. That is where I stepped in and offered to host them. I believe MTA will continue to grow and I will do my best to be there. Good work guys!
  10. Just wanted to clarify a few things. The system that is in place bans ips, not whole networks. Also, it bans the ip from all ports, since normally attackers do not just attack other ports and leave port 80, and this system is setup so the server does not get affected by attacks. Now, if you do get banned, you can email me at [email protected] to get unbanned. Hope this helps.
  11. Just a quick note, a public game server that is being used 24/7 for a month can generate 300GB of traffic in a month in worst case scenerios. As for datatransfer, if each player consumes 4kB/sec (server uploading to player), and you have 16 players that equals 64KB/sec of traffic. Most internet connections are not able to upload at 64KB/sec and the one that are cost quite a bit. In canada, you can get a DSL line that can upload at that bitrate (640kbit or ~70-80KB) for around $80/month CAN. Transfer $80 into USD = about 60-65USD. A 16 player server can cost 65.95USD at Wojjie Networks, which can cover the cost of that dsl line, but you also need to setup a computer that will be on 24/7 and that is able to handle that amount of traffic. MTA does not take that much CPU, but take a bit more bandwidth. As for Counter-Strike 16 players can spike up to 80% cpu usage on a P4 2.0ghz when at capacity. As for private servers costing less, that is because there is an assumption made that generally the server will not be used all the time. As for a public server, it may end up being full 24/7. I hope all this clarifies why game servers cost as much as they do.
  12. I think this is a good idea, and am interested to see how things turn out. As for the prize, I would be willing to give out some sort of hosting prize (free MTA server w/or hosting package) depending on the number of people participating. As for the codec, I think Blokker is right, divx is the better way to go since it is easier for the general public to install. May I suggest specifying resolution, bitrate, and all the other technical specs?
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