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  1. Hello! Before I may have mentioned that release is rather sooner than later. Now I can finally proceed with that and announce the release date for upcoming Saturday, 13/08/2022 on 2PM GMT+2! If you are not in our Discord and want to have a closer eye to following our development, use the following link: https://discord.gg/sW94qwRZ Hope to see you all in game!
  2. Hello everyone! Been working through polishing a lot of our systems and getting ready for release, which is very close now. Soon we'll post a release date. Below two screenshots of our now toggleable dynamic light and dark nights. This resource can be heavy for lower end systems and we don't want to leave anyone out.
  3. For nights, I assume you are using the dl_core resource? On my pc, which runs a rx 580 8gb i have no problem running it but on my laptop, that has a built in graphics card my FPS tanks by as much as 10 when the resource is running. The way i counter it is by allowing to disable it and have nights just a bit less dark. Still dark but light enough to be able to see what's around you. Maybe you can do the same for the potato users among us? That out of bounds video really put me on edge, tbh was expecting a shark any moment
  4. Holy :~, this looks amazing! Can't wait to see what else you're going to do with this. I do like to ask you, speaking performance, how is everything holding up? Are lower end systems going to have a problem?
  5. You must fit the following list of requirements and possess the following skills to be able to work for us. We offer you nothing in return. Oh and you are not paid. Please sign up here. Smh
  6. Payment will vary between 5 and 20 euros per assignment.
  7. Summary: Hello. We, as part of 6MonthzIn are working on creating a zombie apocalypse roleplay server. The current state of the game world is 2 years into the outbreak of the virus, 6 months after the collapse of the US government. As such, vegetation has yet taken over the urban environment. The streets are riddled with chaos but the infrastructure, except for minimal damage, is still in tact. Work: We don't want to just litter the streets with random chaos but more aim towards having our mapping tell small stories of what has happened in said location. We use an object pack for some extra details which you, of course, can use. We ask mappers to keep the object amount to a minimal. See below screenshots of mapping that is already done to give you an idea of what we are aiming towards. What we ask: Be able to show samples of your previous work. Be able to communicate with us in English. Be able to think of and suggest scenarios to work on. We offer to pay mappers per assignment done, per map finished. Payment will vary depending on scene size. If you are interested, please contact Forthwind#5030 on Discord or send me a message on the forum.
  8. Hello everyone, we have succefully gone through our first Beta phase. I want to thanks everyone who participated in the beta for their feedback and suggestions! Now we are again in closed development, adding new features and patching up existing systems according to feedback received and to improve Quality of Life. The mapping team is working hard to bring immersion to the game world and there is still a lot to be done. Therefore we are now looking for mappers to strengthen our team. What we ask: - Show a sample of your previous mapping work - Be able to communicate in English - Have some knowledge about mapping in MTA What we offer: - Enjoy donation package benefits once we launch, for free, as part of our staff team - Be at an advantage for an admin position (when we need any), if you're interested - Have people in the game server enjoy your work If you are interested in helping us, please head over to our Discord server and write a DM to @SCANDALOUZ#8169
  9. Would you say using files is slower than db or is there more or less no speed/performance difference?
  10. It's true, I spoke to a SAMP administrator about it. MTA has been bought by SAMP and they are trying to make the change over happen by the end of this month.
  11. I'm not that type of person that leaks gamemodes. People have spent money to buy it, doesn't matter if the gamemode is trash or not (imo it is in it's current state). It'd be unfair to others if i would spread it around just like that. But i'm sure that if you really wanted to have this gamemode for free, you could do some digging and find it somewhere.
  12. Yeah, i have. A lot of the features are not working because pieces of code are missing, tables are removed etc. Inb4 you say that this was just my version, it was the same for 2 different persons that bought the script. There is even a team of developers working on the vcrp script just to optimise it / fix all the bull:~.
  13. That will never happen because these vcrp scripts are way too unoptimised and broken. The typical owl clone dev team doesn't possess enough skill and dedication to get it up and running. Owl is the easier choice for them.
  14. Those are individual rectangles put next to eachother. Download guieditor, make a rectangle, copy it, paste it, put it next/under the previous one. Done. Edit: Can also make the script add them using simple math.
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