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  1. Still looking for help.
  2. The thing is, some of the actual maps work, weirdly it's just food places. 4dragons. And also, maps are in .lua not .map, do i convert them somewhere?
  3. So, i uploaded Liberty City map but whenever i try to add interior, i type the interior id but im just falling through it and it doesn't show the interior, is it because it might be modded aswell? And if it is, is there any solution for that?
  4. Looking for someone to just setup and connect database for owl gaming 2020.
  5. xray23

    MTA RP

    im just not sure what to write in hostname: dbusername: dbport: and all of those. also can pay 10$ on paypal if you can explain, if it works ofc
  6. xray23

    MTA RP

    I don't understand a lot of all this but, i've tried everything with setting up my roleplay server, everything shows that it works, but when i join and try to login it shows "Sending request to the server." and nothing happens. Its not on localhost, bought a host myself. And yes i have database, do i have to changeit only in mySQL folder or anywhere else?
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