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  1. Carefree man ? I Mean which one is better ? which one can prevent memory leak ? can u understand this ?
  2. Hi. I Want to make a gamemode but I Don't know exactly whether to use Exports or TriggerEvent , which is better ? I Mean to transfer Data or functions within a script to another script.
  3. i know , but I can't get k/d , what formula can i use to Get K/D ?? @Tekken
  4. hi everyone how i can get K/D of a player ? my kill/death scripting based on element data , anybody can help me ? or give me some functions to get it ?!
  5. I don't use setElementData/getElementData I use LUA Tables I Means when I playing on my server , I Have Frame drops , my frame is lower than 50. This frame drop can because of High Quality Textures?
  6. Hi everyone. My server has a bit of FPS DROP , Anyone can help me and give me some tricks to prevent FPS Drop ?
  7. Hi everyone. I Want write a log system for my server but I Don't have any ideas to make it! What method is better than another methods to write log system ? XML or MySQL ? Anybody can help me? please explain the details and problems of these two to me if I Use dbQuery too many times, can Be Lag or other problems ?
  8. I use xmlUnloadFile to unload XML files
  9. @Dutchman101 https://upload.mtasa.com/u/527003397/server_1.5.8-release-20668_KERNELBASE_00122552_7363_20201203_1537.dmp_ what's my problem ?
  10. they suggest me check the scripts Could it be due to overuse of the XML files ? ( to handle server logs )
  11. Salam_Dadash


    hi guys I Have a server with more than 20 players the server automatically closes console every 18~20 hours VPS Specs: 6GB Ram - CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v2 6.00GHz console didn't give any errors what's the problem ?
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