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  1. So i know this is probably a massive shot in the dark given the state of the English community but: I'm looking for various staff members for a large light RP/RPG project I'm working on. This project is the product of my nearly 10 years of both roleplay and freeroam experience, and i'm solely building it to A. expand my coding knowledge and creativity and B. spread word of MTA to people that love SA had no idea it existed. With that being said, I'm not looking for a massive playerbase but if one happened to find me i wouldn't mind either. I like to type way too much lol, so please take the time to read as it's all informative to the project, thanks. A little about myself: Most people that know me know me from roleplay (and a couple OGs from freeroam) and know that I ran or co-ran a handful of RP servers that lasted some time, as well as mapped quite extensively for RP, including my Kota Islands map (https://youtu.be/nFUy1UcFgHs). I spent a long time brewing up ideas since my start in roleplay in 2016 and freeroam in 2013-2014 and applying those ideas to different servers, but in the end i never really made what I thought was the perfect idea of a server. Now that English RP is dead and the English community as a whole is declining, I figured I'd make my last server and continue to work on it or at the very least keep it running until MTA itself closes its doors. That's not an empty guarantee either, I have no problem making and keeping a completely self-sufficient server online that can run on it's own when I get busy with life. About the server: Read the spoiler after this next sentence, because I know how some of you get with this but I think the reasoning is valid enough. The server in itself uses an unreleased version of the 2020 owl code given to me from an old Owl developer friend of mine. We've modified it heavily over time to more suit our server's needs. Now why the Owl code? Ill keep the reasoning as a spoiler so i don't spam up this post lol The Grid System: Our server features a system originally started by Exciter that allows you to travel to anywhere you can think of outside the SA map. The original owl code has a folder called 'Grid' with one single file in it and that's all owl got before Exciter left the dev team and continued the feature on his own. I'm currently the only other person with a copy of the full system. Click the spoiler for a better explanation Map Completion and liveliness: Honestly, I'm tired of playing SA and not feeling like you're actually in a city, or in the woods, or in the desert and so-on. Below is a short list of a just a couple things i'm planning to do to make the city more immersive: There's really just so much to say about this server and I'm starting to ramble so I'll get to the point and say we're looking for anyone that wants to help with literally anything from coding, mapping, custom vehicle handling management, interior making (in-game not mapped), ideas, planning, administration and whatever else... or honestly even just another follower. The only things I require as staff are: - You're trustworthy (Meaning I feel like i can trust you, not other people vouching for you) - You're able to understand this is a long-term project and a large playerbase is not expected, but welcomed if it comes. - You're willing to stick around for the long run (obviously some lack of activity is no issue if you have school or other important life things) - You understand this is not a paid project, but I do pay our developers when I have the available funds to do so. I really shouldn't keep typing, so just message me on Discord if you'd like more information or are interested in helping out. 5150#5150
  2. As the title says, when i launch MTA and get to the menu my mouse is incredibly laggy, and eventually freezes the entire client. ive tried restarting mta and my PC, and would rather not reinstall MTA until i know it needs to be done. i found a thread about this going back to 2018 but a patch fixed it, and im sure that patch is outdated by now. this happened to me once before within the past year, but for the life of me i cant remember how i fixed it. any suggestions or fixes welcome.
  3. Both my friend and I have been working in a server recently and we dont hear any default GTA SA sounds such as gunshots, background wind, walking sounds, car sounds and etc. Yet we still hear modded server sounds such as gunshots, general panel click sounds and etc. i've tested this on other servers and i get the same result. my friend is using the steam version, while im using a cracked version of SA, does anyone know what could cause and solve this? and just to mention, this has been happening for several days now. we've both done game restarts, pc restarts, new servers, checked our sound drivers and checked our basic volume settings
  4. Okay, so ive been working on the realistic nights resource trying to get rid of the terrible fog effect issue you get while the server transitions to night time. problem is, you need to keep the fog effect to accurately portray the dark night feature, without it its just a black sky gradient. i tried to delay the start of the fog until after sunset (if ((th >= 22.9) and (th <=23)) then), when it just about gets full night but instead of the fog starting at 0% at the time 22.9 (22:55) and quickly increasing to 100% by 23:00, it starts at about 50% and increases to 100% by 23:00. This results in the fog abruptly showing up in the screen for a short time before it clears out into darkness. i guess what im asking is does anyone know how to edit the whole 'if' statement including 22.9 to 23 to allow the fog to begin at 0% rather than 50%. video attached to see what the hell im talking about https://streamable.com/m4zfeh as you can see, the "fog" abruptly appears eventually turning to night, rather than gradually appearing then transitioning to night. the fog is what makes that night feature appear so it cant just be removed. ive shortened the time it takes to turn full night because the fog looks like crap during sunset ive tried to explain the best i can, sorry if it doesnt make much sense. leave a comment if you need more info, thanks in advance for this code, intens = 1200
  5. Sorry im just now seeing this and we might've already spoken on discord but yes. its not 100% finished but i have the basic image
  6. The history of PMG and Hawkeye (TLDR: We're a military type team that's been around since 2013 and has progressed to the tops of many servers thanks to our professional organization, training, team following and good sportsmanship. The team was eventually reorganized into a roleplay company yet still keeps the PMG name around for freeroam) I just thought some of you would want some history behind the team, so... Back when I was just starting out in MTA back in 2013-2014, I was the standard "having a gang looks cool, I want one" type of guy, so with the help of a server admin I was able to start a little ragtag group composed of four friends called PMG. Now of course, I was maybe 15-16 at the time and had no concept of anything that sounded cool, so the PMG stood for Psycho Mans Gang and was later adapted to just be called PMG. I quickly gained more members into the team - some loyal, some not so much - as we started forming a military sort of structure. Over the next months the team grew to be largely popular on the freeroam server we played on, with over 20 active members - even rivaling the server owners team. The server (SARP Romanian Freeroam, 2014/2015ish) owner was getting restless knowing another random team was becoming more popular than his team (called C.E.L.L.) and frequently tried to challenge our team. We of course won nearly every time, but after some time the owners ended up shutting the server down due to real life reasons. After SARP, we moved to another freeroam server that will not be named, as it's still online today. While in this server, being we were already an established team we required the owner to add a base map for the team, which grew our popularity further. In this server I think we ended up with 35+ members, not including team supporters that just didn't play on the same server as us but supported PMG. In this server, I met some of the first teammates i would end up being friends with for years, with a couple exceptions ive met in SARP. After a demanding lead in that server after becoming the servers primary "sponsored" team for nearly a year, we learned SARP was coming back so we decided to go back, this time with a promise to co-run the server with the original owner and be the primary team with the big base and supporting scripts. The entire promise of being the main team ended up just being a long drawn out plan for the old owner to test my members and see which ones would be good enough for his CELL team's revival. few of my unloyal members joined him, while the others left with me and assisted in the proper payback for something of that nature. By this time (late 2016, early 2017) We decided to go back to the previous unmentioned server one last time with an even greater agreement to be the primary team, resulting in followers from original SARP, the second server, our second time in SARP, AND the second time in this server. We'd been growing rapidly, which meant we really bulked up on our members, training, skill and membership requirements, structure and devotion. There were now Generals and officers, and a separate pilots division as well as a separate smaller team of strictly romanian PMG members (since i didnt speak romanian, yet a lot of them did). We had vehicles and skins locked to ourselves, as well as an entire protected base and training area, and anything else we could ask for. Other teams would frequently try to combat us, which we would encourage and give a fair fight for the entertainment of both teams. Eventually there was a disagreement between the Romanian PMG members and myself and a good amount of them departed the group, which eventually resulted in me temporarily closing the group for some time. Around that time (2016) i was starting to get more into roleplay so although our 40+ team members and couple hundred followers were still loyal, I decided to take a break from the team to work on roleplay. I spent quite some time on Owlgaming, later moving to an old now shut down server I co-ran called Neptune Gaming. On Neptune, i wanted a team similar to PMG (since toward the end of PMG, we were so organized it was nearly an RPG/RP type team) but on roleplay. I took some aspects of PMG and disguised them into a team i ended up calling Hawkeye Corp, and added more details such as a membership secrecy contract, that was bound by execution if broken. We handled mostly assignments that were "illegal", but were corruptly given to us by the mayor of the town in exchange for police immunity if the cops were ever called on us, for whatever reason it may have been. The team was kept smaller than original PMG, only topping at roughly 16-18 members. Hawkeye Corp. would develop across a couple more RP servers over the next couple years before becoming a full-fledged company with an RP background and legitimate story. the PMG name is now primarily used when referring to freeroam, we've even attempted a team restart some years back, but couldn't find a suitable server. Hawkeye is primarily used when referring to a roleplay server, even though we've GREATLY reduced the amount of power given to us in RP servers over years. Today, i'm still friends with a small handful of original PMG members from the early servers, and we're always ready to find the next freeroam server to make our home. Servers Played on: • SARP Romanian Freeroam • RPP Romanian Freeroam (the unmentioned server, i guess it doesnt matter much) • Mandalorian English Freeroam (not mentioned in history) • Neptune Gaming • Kota Islands RP • Roleplay Project (Under the name of Polaris Defense, a much more toned down version of Hawkeye) Team Screenshot Highlights and Some Videos https://imgur.com/a/cNEnE2n https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWOSsrTh0f9cPD477gYxkkg If you're interested in joining or you have a server with English Interface and at least some English players you would like us to play on, please message me on discord, 5150#5150. If enough people are interested I will put forth the effort to update our old bases and applications to start recruitment and training again. Thanks for reading! -5150, PMG and Hawkeye founder
  7. 5150

    Port 22126 issues

    update: i figured it out, admin can delete/lock if necessary.
  8. 5150

    Port 22126 issues

    Hey, so i had to change my ports up one number each (22003 to 22004 // 22005 to 22006) due to the fact i already have one MTA server running on my debian VPS. now it seems port 22126 isnt working properly to show the server in the server list. Ive gone through all the guides on the forums already, including the ones written by ccw and dutchman but it doesnt specify what to do in the event of a port change. i have this enabled as well. thanks in advance
  9. If it was mapped in MTA map editor, go to your local files in C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources find the folder named whatever you saved the map as, it should have a .map file, .xml and two server extensions. make sure you copy this entire folder (all 4 files) into whatever server you'd like the map to be in and start the map in-game like you would a resource
  10. No longer for sale, staff may delete
  11. No longer for sale. partial post left for showcase Original showcase post: https://forum.multitheftauto.com/topic/122245-kota-islands-custom-islands-map/ Video:
  12. but the majority seems to be brazillian servers. its hard finding anything full english. also hi, 2014 player here ?
  13. sorry for the bump but its only a good idea in theory. technically speaking it'd be a huge project and a nightmare (to try all at once anyway). there are limitations in games like this because either the developers havent found a way to make it more powerful yet, or its not possible yet. i'm sure as long as MTA stays active, it will keep evolving and getting much more advanced.
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