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  1. Nice work guys, and on a side note, can the admins change the forum style so the code isn't orange on grey if at all possible? My eyes are gonna go bad from looking at a computer screen soon enough without having to strain them looking at low-contrast text.
  2. Less crashes here. Might depend on how big the servers are that you play on and if there's any cheaters or not.
  3. Maybe an idea for 0.3 could be to make team play an option. I like the idea of team play, but there are some times when you just wanna go around and frag everything that moves without being accused of being a TK'er (and without having to spawn as a racer or VCC).
  4. I'd say so, 0.2 is generally much better with bandwidth usage than 0.1 was.
  5. About 2 hours I think. Had to go around the whole map using the vehicle blip key.
  6. No, as soon as you quit vice city, whatever car you were in is lost. However, as long as there are people on the server, any cars scattered around the map will stay there. When everyone quits, the entire map is reset back to default.
  7. Nah, I tried looking for it, but it appears to have been replaced with the Maverick on top of the robber spawn. We'll see - weapons are harder tho, because I can't go around using the radar blip key for weapons.
  8. wildz0r


    What is this for post ??? It was a joke suggesting that guys who just wanna see female models in MTA should get out more (And no, before anyone suggests it, I'm not gay. )
  9. I've found my own workaround to MTA's CRC checking (which I won't make publicly available for obvious reasons ) and the only files that are checked are data\handling.cfg, data\weapons.dat and data\mta.scm. Which means, custom models and skins will still work! You just can't modify the handling.cfg file (which still makes Cerbera's idea useless). I can agree with MTA's protection of the weapons.dat and mta.scm files, but I myself enjoy having tweaked vehicles, because the default handling does indeed suck. Maybe another way to get around this is to have a MTA approved handling mod which gets distributed as an option in MTA and will pass the CRC check.
  10. My school hasn't banned MTA that I know of (yet), but I got around the blocks to animenfo by setting up a simple PHP proxy on my website and going through there. Heh, stupid proxies. I always thought they blocked meta tags, not just IPs/domain names...
  11. Are you given any specific message by GTA or MTA when you get disconnected?
  12. Cheat protection is hideously simple to evade, and I've sent an e-mail to the MTA team in the hope that they can do something about it. There will always be client-side hacks, no matter how hard the MTA team try. Maybe we should rally Rockstar for better MTA support in the next incarnation of GTA.
  13. Bloodring (and all the other stadium things) are available right from the word go. If you wanna get there really fast, spawn as a racer (scottish dude). They spawn on the steps of the stadium so you can just walk right in.
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