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  1. Update 1.3.0 coming soon! Update 1.3.0 is set to release on Friday, August 26 2022. The upcoming update is focused on a major code rework that should help us move along with further updates as well as iron out a good amount of bugs. In addition to that since we've rewritten the oldest part of the code which is the account system itself we've also decided to completely overhaul the UI connected to it, here's a little sneak peak of it in action: Please do note that this UI is still WIP and more changes may follow until the release itself. For more information, feel free to look into our update announcement forum post or simply join our Discord. Cheers.
  2. Update 1.2.9 is now live! Just a minor update aimed at event system improvements & bug fixes Bug Fixes Fixed cops dying on BUSTED during respawn if they were in the water Fixed cops being able to freeze other players by pressing shift in BUSTED event Fixed /spawn not being properly blocked for in-event players General Improvements Improved the script logic behind cop respawns in BUSTED If all cops die during a round in BUSTED they'll respawn to the closest spawn locations based on crook's current position Crook's vehicle will now always spawn as red to make it easier to distinguish them while in a crowd of AI vehicles F11 names will now only show event players if you're inside the event and will not show them to players outside of the event Added ability for event organisers to switch event's location without having to end the event Added ability for event organisers to pass the organiser position to another Administrator+ in case they want to leave but keep the event running Once event is ended it'll show for how long the event ran in chatbox Added a chatbox notification for spawning players if there's an event active so they're aware they can join /setcrook and /setrandomcrook now support both vehicle model name and vehicle ID rather than just the IDs Added 2 new locations for the BUSTED event (Las Venturas & Fort Carson) Cops in BUSTED event will now have their weapons removed to prevent weapon usage after they fall off their bike
  3. Update 1.2.8 is now live! We're happy to announce that we've just released the 1.2.8 update which features a brand new event system as well as a good portion of QoL changes! For more information feel free to read the update thread on our forums.
  4. Nah, just a subdomain issue in the links. It's linked to "forum." instead of "forums." so just add the s in the end and that's it. @Kalevius - might want to fix your links with that ^
  5. We've posted a new feature showcase of the reworked property system on our forums. The system has been completely overhauled and now actually supports buying properties at it's location rather than the city hall, rentals, realty estate agency support & more! You can find everything explained in detail here.
  6. Forums are now live! We're thrilled to announce that our new forums are now live! Feel free to check them out at https://forum.advanced-gaming.org/. This time we've decided to go for a premium forum software rather than phpBB as it was one of the things that many of you have noted as lacking back in 2020! If you've got any suggestions or find any issues with the forums please do let us know, cheers.
  7. As of February this year we've officially restarted this project with the addition of Unitts to our development team and a newly appointed server Manager Yoshira to fix up on our Management issues that occured when we launched & failed in 2020. This time we aim to make sure that the script is properly ready for the release and also have already done plenty of changes based on the feedback we've recieved back in 2020, we're making sure that the scripts end up being even more new user friendly as well as are reworking all the older scripts that were causing issues on release. In addition to that we're also going to actually force all the newly appointed members to go through an application process to avoid the problems that experienced roleplayers had with new people. With that said, we're also going to make sure that anyone that's new to Roleplay and had no previous experience with it before is also going to be able to contact one of our GameMasters which will be happy to teach them and prepare them for their new Roleplay experience in hopes of actually bringing more people to the MTA:SA (or GTA:SA overall) Roleplay scene. At the moment we're still in development and don't have a staff team set, but, unlike the first time we're actually going to hire experienced people to handle higher positions right on release so that way we don't end up with lack of support on either side of the Roleplay scene. Please note that we do not have a release date set and we're also not putting any pressure onto our development schedule this time to make sure that the script does end up being properly finished & ready for release with as little bugs as possible therefore we'd appreciate if you don't ask us about release date too much, we are, however, always ready to answer your questions so if you'd like to check us out and possibly chat with us feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/2z8YNCefBZ We will make sure to post any updates we have there. Once we're ready we're also going to start with proper publications such as setting up the website & forums, posting news & updates on various social media (youtube, MTA:SA forum, our forums obviously) and so on. We're looking forward to seeing you, hopefully we'll manage to fix our previous mistakes this time and make sure you have a pleasant time with us!
  8. Server has closed down as the project failed, sorry.
  9. Let's go strong in 2021 fellas, keep up the hard work!
  10. Update 1.2.6 is now live! Features Area of Play, ability to mod gun sounds, Halloween Event & more! Full changelog can be found here!
  11. We're more than happy to announce that AG:RP will open it's doors to public on Friday, April 17 at 21:00 GMT+2 (20:00 for faction leaders)! For more information please read our release date announcement thread.
  12. Illegal roleplay rules are now live so if you're interested in illegal roleplay it is strongly advised to read the thread on our forums.
  13. Server's economy concept thread is now live on our forums!
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