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  1. Either SQL or the built in account system will work just fine, what I whould do is locally store player data in a table and ONLY change that table ( A lot faster and better than sending SQL requests/execute get/setAccountData all the time ) and save/load that table to account system/SLQ I made you a quick example : playerData = {}; -- This is the table that will serve us as a database! addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(oldAcc, acc) if not playerData[source] then playerData[source] = {}; -- create a entry on the table for our player! end local data = getAccountData(acc, "server.data.table") or false; -- get player data if stored already if data then playerData[source] = fromJSON(data); -- cash data in table for later use! end end); function playerHasLeft(player) if playerData[player] then local acc = getPlayerAccount(player); if acc then setAccountData(acc, "server.data.table", toJSON(playerData[player])); playerData[player] = {}; --clear cash end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, function() playerHasLeft(source); end); addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", root, function() playerHasLeft(source); end); function setPlayerSomeData(player, key, data) if player and key and data then if not playerData[player] then playerData[player] = {}; end playerData[player][key] = data; -- save to cash table return true; end return false; end function getPlayerSomeData(player, key) if player and key then if not playerData[player] then return false; end return playerData[player][key]; end return false; end addCommandHandler("test1", function(player) setPlayerSomeData(player, "M4", 5); setPlayerSomeData(player, "AK-47", 1); end); -- etc... -- TEST addCommandHandler("test2", function(player) outputChatBox("You have:"); for key, value in pairs(playerData[player]) do outputChatBox(value.." x "..key); end end);
  2. Da, am cam abandonat proiectul de cand mi-am luat XSX dar ma tot duce gandul sa ma reapuc, dar tot imi aduc aminte de esecurile din trecut, iar pe international nu stiu daca pot sa ma impun in fata "gigantilor" top-gta, nonstop si ultimate
  3. Hello and welcome! Do you have those resources on your server ?
  4. Tekken


    Daca nu ai nicio experienta in Lua iti recomand acest tutorial: succes! PS: Incearca altceva, RP e destul imo.
  5. Moved your topic to a more appropriate section as this is a resource request, also please use [REQ] tag in the future for resource requests! Have a good day!
  6. In your meta.xml you have 06.png and in your code is 6.png
  7. Hello, All you need is https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetElementModel Or the https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SpawnPlayer function 6th argument is the skin, all you need to do is to make sure that function supplies the same skin id when die/join. Greetings.
  8. What is it that you need help with? Be more specific, show us what you’ve already done.
  9. I've moved your topic to the appropriate section for the best results! (Mudei seu tópico para a seção apropriada para obter os melhores resultados!) Greetings!
  10. Why can't you place the rectangle down there? Also use math.floor to get a integer out of a float: math.floor(97.2371) = 97
  11. I’ve moved your topic to scripting section for best results.
  12. You can try replace the default walk animation with the new one from the ifp file?
  13. if getElementSpeed(veh, 1) >= 100 then playSound(...); end you can get the useful function 'getElementSpeed' from here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementSpeed
  14. You forgot: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineReplaceAnimation My mistake, have you tried with, -1 instead of 200 ms?
  15. Hi, First of all your link is dead, second of all can you develop a little? Greetings.
  16. You should copy and paste this useful function from here https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetPlayerFromPartialName in vip resource
  17. I can’t, you will have to integrate it yourself in your DayZ gamemode
  18. local rewardTable = { [5] = {"M4", "M4 Mag", 90}; -- add ammo and ammount of ammo to give! [10] = {"Coyote Backpack"}; -- for items that don't have ammo no need to add anything after! -- you will have to add the rest! }; -- add this to spawn function! local pLvl = getElementData(player, "lvl") or 0; if pLvl >= 5 then --check if valid reward possible! for i = 5, pLvl, 5 do --start from 5 and jump from 5 to 5! as there are no other rewards in between! local data = rewardTable[i] or false; if data then setElementData(player, data[1], (getElementData(player, data[1]) or 0) + 1); -- Give M4; if data[2] then -- check if must give ammo? setElementData(player, data[2], (getElementData(player, data[2]) or 0) + data[3]); -- Give ammo; end end end end -- Add this just after items refresh! for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local pLvl = getElementData(player, "lvl") or 0; if pLvl >= 20 then setElementData(player, "CZ 550", (getElementData(player, "CZ 550") or 0) + 1); -- Give CZ 550; end end --For the scoreboard you just have to add it by yourself you will just have to add another line with getElementData(player, "lvl")
  19. Ok, what exactly do you need help with?
  20. Exactly the same you did with onClientClick but with your gui() function.
  21. Hi, you have my simple level system in my signature, however you need to setup the rewards by yourself, is not that complicated. Also moved your topic to resources section as this is more a request than a scripting question.
  22. getPedAnimation Gets the animation of a player or ped that was set using setPedAnimation. That might not work @Skully (Not sure tho)
  23. Try: /stop joinquit in chat. (if I remember correctly that’s how it’s called the default join/quit resource)
  24. There you go, best tutorial out there:
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